The Best Things I Got at Fan Expo Canada 2018

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Fan Expo has wrapped up a while ago, but I still have some footage to release and share with you. Below is my video highlighting a few of the best things I got from Fan Expo, whether it was for free or bought.

Of course, not everything I bought was shown. For instance, I bought this comic book holder at Gotham Central Comics’ booth for $30 CAD. It is a pretty good find, but I think I may have put too many comics inside because it collapsed when I was trying to film it for the video. There were also really good finds for baby clothes as my sister got some for her friend.

Below are my favourite picks from the stuff I got for free and bought:

5. Dragon Ball Z – Cup & Mouse Pad


Vendor: Dragon Ball Z Price: Free

This was definitely one of my favourite activation at Fan Expo this year, and there was a lot of cool displays to take pictures and interact with. It was also a great example of event marketing as they clearly put a lot of  thought in the displays but also used a creative way to build the hype and roll out their new game Dragon Ball Legends via social media and freebies.

4. “Friends” socks (2 pairs)

Vendor: EB Games Price: BOGO Free ($11.99)

The best vendor of Fan Expo in my opinion has to be EB Games. There were a lot of steals and exclusives, and this was one of them. I have never seen these Friends socks before, and to have two clean pairs… you can’t go wrong.

3. The Man of Steel – 1st Issue – Gold Foil


Vendor: DC Comics Price: $18

Speaking of exclusives, DC Comics sold first issues of new age classic comics (or fan favourite super heroes) in a special gold foil. The quality and finishing is a really well done, and definitely a collectors item.

2. OutKast Comics Tee

I first saw Beddo’s work at Silver Snail. I was debating on which tee to get because I thought his vision and the little details he incorporates to his artwork is really admirable. I almost got another tee (either Nas’ Illmatic or Wu Tang Clan)  but this OutKast tee spoke to me, and I could already envision an outfit I can put together with this tee. Stay tuned to this site and my YouTube channel for more Beddo in the near future…

1.  Conon O’Brien – Funko Pop Tee


Vendor: EB Games Price: Buy One Get One Free ($20 CAD)

This has to be my number one pick just because it has a dope packaging, nice design and it’s not easy to find. Conan is an OG when it comes to comedy for his work on his own late night show, Saturday Night Live, producing sitcoms and more. Therefore, this was a must.

Overall, these are my favourite picks but let me know what you think you liked from the video or the post!

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