The Score: Revolution Tour – Live in Toronto! – Recap & Review

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On September 30th, 2018 a long-awaited request to the band and desire of mine finally came true… I saw The Score perform live!

In this post, I’ll break the whole concert experience and my overall review on it. However, if you haven’t heard of this band (you should) here’s a video that consists of a couple of my favourite songs of theirs that they happened to perform at the show! Please like and subscribe to the channel as well as that will be greatly appreciated!

The Performance

As you can see above, The Score can definitely perform well live. I didn’t take many videos of the other two bands (two opening acts) because it was not really my taste. It was a long night, and The Score definitely woke me up and revamped my energy.



Although there were three bands in total performing, the grand total of a single ticket was only $14.00! Yeah, it’s crazy how cheap these tickets were but don’t expect for their tickets to stay at that price as they are continuing to create more buzz for themselves.

The Score - Ticket

The Merch

There were several merch options for all three bands performing: The Score, Birthday, and The Orphan The Poet. You can see below an image of some of the merch available for The Score behind Edon. I ended up copping the long-sleeve shirt (looks really good in person and good quality) for $30. The prices seem to range from $20-$45 for the various items available.

The Score Merchandise

The Venue


This was my first time at the Velvet Underground. Initially, it was supposed to be at the Drake Hotel, but due to renovation, they had to change the venue. I’ve heard of the venue before, and I thought it was a club which made me worry about wearing sneakers instead of dress shoes. Fortunately, there was no strict policy with respect to that and the security was nice. The venue itself is relatively small as it features a ticket booth when you enter, a small space afterward (merch table), a bar and then a large area to watch the performance. I say long because there is the area closest to the stage but then further back if you’re feet need to rest there are a couple of sofa’s available as well.

The Crowd

The Score Photo

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you looking at it, the crowd was really small. I say, unfortunately, because I did wish they had a bigger turn out for The Score since their music is really good. The fortunate part of having a small crowd is that the performance becomes that much more intimate. It also worked out because after they performed the guys came down and talked to all the attendees, signed some merch and took photos. They liked the jacket I wore but I told them about how significant “Unstoppable” was to me and how that song is what pushed me to complete a very special marketing campaign.

I also think what contributed towards the low attendance was the timing of the concert, since it was pretty late for a Sunday show. In addition, there was also a free Wu-Tang concert happening at the same time. Nonetheless, everyone who attended seemed to enjoy the show and I’m sure they will have a bigger turnout the next time they come to the 6ix!

Overall? Should You Go?

Yes! Their music has been featured in films, tv shows, commercials and more because it is well composed and sung, easy to sing along to and it’s motivational! Don’t sleep on these guys because their talent is incredible!

Merchandise: ˜˜Pretty decent. Not a lot of selection, but good quality and fair price.

Venue: Nice and pretty relaxing. Sometimes the sound can be adjusted but overall still good.

Performance: All three bands, whether or not I enjoyed all of it, really put it out there which is applaudable due to the fact there was such a small crowd. I have to give kudos to all the performers for clearly demonstrating their passion.

Crowd: Pretty cool and nice as everyone just wanted to have a good time and respect one another!

Pricing: Super affordable, for now.

I had a great time at the show and I would highly suggest checking them out the next time they come by! For more make sure you subscribe to the blog (by hitting the follow button and entering your email) and YouTube here.

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