Review: Converse Fast Break Hi x Kevin McHale “No Easy Buckets” – Think 16/Art Of A Champion

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I was in love with the concept of this campaign ever since it was announced earlier this year. I didn’t think I was able to own a pair that was part of the collection in my own personal collection, but it did! I will keep you updated once the video is up, but for now here’s a detailed review of Kevin McHale’s Converse Fast-Break Hi’s “No Easy Buckets” as part of the Think 16 capsule. Check the video above, and see below for more detailed photos and information.

As you can see on the green shoelaces and the left lower side, you can see a tally of 16. There are 16 because that is the number of playoff wins required to win an NBA Championship.

The Story

no easy buckets
The famous quote and date, where Kevin McHale helped secure the Celtics a championship.

I can write it out, but may a visual will help better understand this specific moment. As you can see above, inside the tongue there is a tag that says “No Easy Buckets” and “June 6, 1984” and that is because that is what Kevin McHale said after this notorious play, which was the key reason for how they ended up winning the championship that year.

The Concept


The concept of this capsule was really interesting and creative. Nike decided to celebrate the NBA Finals with the Art of A Champion/Think 16. Besides great storytelling, this is an applaudable strategic move from Nike as a corporation. Nike is to sell limited and unique sneakers that generate brand awareness but also push units on certain silhouettes that may have not always been hyped with the added features from this collection. It gives the consumer more knowledge about the different silhouettes from Nike, Converse, and Jordan brand and which notable champions rocked them, at what certain time in NBA history. To hear what some of the players said who were featured in this collection, see here.

Top: It is an interesting shot I took, since I didn’t expect the Think 16 to appear with the flash. Bottom: I zoomed into the card for a view to read the card. *note* I couldn’t zoom in close enough to show you that the Think 16 tally’s are also on the wrapping paper. Zoom in to see that insane detailing.

Price & Place of Purchase


These are currently set at a retail price of $94.99 USD, which is not bad at all especially because there were no duties at the door. There are a couple of sizes left from where I purchased, the NBA store. Click here to shop these sneakers and the other Converse sneakers that are part of the Think 16 campaign.


*TIP* Sign up for their email promotions to get 10% off your order in case you are size will run out.

Sizing & Comfort


Here’s the thing about sizing and comfort. It’s a classic shoe, with a classic fit. That means, there is no extraordinary comfort technology but that doesn’t mean it is not comfortable. It’s a pretty solid shoe.  I would say go true to size. However, I must note that it was pretty annoying to put on the shoe. I found myself unlacing pretty much half way to put my feet in. Obviously, with more wear the shoes will break in, and adjust to your feet accordingly.

Edit: After a couple of months and a couple of wears, I think you need to beat this shoe to get some comfort to your foot when wearing it for long periods of time or even putting it on or taking it off.



These sneakers are aesthetically appealing. I do prefer high tops, so that does play a factor in my overall opinion. However, I do think that the Celtics/Kelly green has a decent amount of vibrancy in the colour where it’s not loud but it will still stand out. Also, it is easy to match with or let it speak for itself when composing an outfit.



Cop or drop? Cop

Comfort? Annoying to put on when you first put your feet in, however good spacing once it is in.

Aesthetic? Classic. I love it because it’s a real clean shoe with a lot of details that stand out.

Price? Retail: Affordable ResaleLow. If you can get it for retail, GET IT FOR RETAIL!

Packaging? Well Done, simple but nice!

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