Review: Kevin Durant – Nike KDX “Aunt Pearl”

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If you checked out my visit to Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018 you would’ve seen one particular pair of kicks I was rocking so I felt it was best to share my review on it prior to getting the full “The Fit Break Down”. If you haven’t checked out the Mosaïculture recap then click here for pictures and the YouTube video recap.

The Story

Kevin Durant is a fan favourite simulataneously one of the most hated players in the NBA. Nevertheless, his skill set is remarkable and it distinguishes him as one of the best scorers to ever play the game. Nike definitely realized that early as they’ve given him a signature shoe line.

Now KD is on the eleventh iteration, but a common and highly popular theme that is exclusive for Kevin Durant’s signature shoes is the “Aunt Pearl” colourway. Who is Aunt Pearl and why are her specific KD Nike’s so beloved? Well take a look below too see what Durant himself says.

As you can tell that not only are these sneakers a beautiful tribute but also tells a great story. It’s awesome to know that the shoe looks great but also promotes a great cause, breast cancer awareness.

The Fit

So the fit is something you really got to be careful about. It’s something I definitely recommend trying in store first with any KDX model prior to buying this one. The reason is because it does provide a snug fit but it’s more wrapped around your ankle. I decided to go half size down because I realized that there were more space in the toe box and with the half size down it was still breathable. But once again, try in store because it’s really based on preference. True to size would be your safe bet, but you can also make half size down work too.

I’m not a big fan of the fit of this model for a few reasons. One being that it’s a bit hard to put on. Secondly, after a while of wearing the shoe it adjusts to your foot which is great but because it gets tighter, it has an interference with your blood circulation. It’s not a bad fit but it’s a little too snug for my liking.

The Aesthetic and Technology

With this sneaker being the 10th (X) instalment of Kevin Durant’s signature shoe line the aesthetic and technology incorporated were much higher. In addition, this Aunt Pearl Sneaker is like none other prior!

This is my favourite Aunt Pearl and KD sneaker to ever be released. As KD mentions in the video the detailing for this sneaker is highly significant and pays homage to his late Aunt.

The velvet uppers give a nice homage to Aunt Pearl’s flare and the wings represent an angel. The wings are my favourite part of this sneaker. Although all sneakers released under the Aunt Pearl series are pink, this dusty rose is definitely a first… and I absolutely love it.

I’m not a big fan of the shoestrings but it’s different and doesn’t take away from the other details. The nice Fly-knit upper also meshes well with the various materials that this shoe consists of. I also enjoy the cushioning on the sole as it is responsive but not disruptive to your casual walks or jogs.

The Price and Where To Buy

I lucked out on these for several reasons. Firstly, I had to pass on then on the release date because of other priorities but luckily it sat for a bit.

Secondly, a week or two after the release I got invited to the Nike employee store and managed to cop these (at the time) newly released sneakers for 30% off!

Unfortunately, as I edit this (June 2021) there are no more of this specific colourway left on Nike, but there are several options for his most recent models including customizing your own which you can do here or at Footlocker. Unfortunately, for this pair, you would need to monitor resale sites. 


Cop or drop? Cop

Comfort? Too snug. Not that comfortable

Aesthetic? Really Well Done

Price? Retail: Reasonable Resale: Low. Watch out for sales or if this sneaker heads to an outlet.

Packaging? Really Well Done, simple but nice!

Overall, I really enjoy this pair of sneakers for casual wear and for the gym. You can definitely shoot hoops with these as well but just don’t keep them on for a long period of time. It’s awesome to see KD honour his late Aunt but also partner with Kay Yow foundation to promote breast cancer awareness.

Let me know if you have a pair of Aunt Pearl’s or if you decide to cop!

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