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Before I made it to Montreal, we made sure to visit the Parc Jacques-Cartier/Jacques-Cartier Park because my sister mentioned about this beautiful exhibit that was being featured there. The exhibit is called “Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018 ” featuring breathtaking floral sculptures showcasing art that also celebrates Canadian and other cultures. The exhibit is open until October 15, 2018 so in case you want to check it our I have some pictures and information below so you can get a little taste of what to expect.

See below for a slideshow (all the way down) and some pictures of the artwork featured but if you don’t want to scroll all the way down the click the video below (and subscribe to the channel)!


164 Laurier street, Gatineau, Quebec.

There are a lot of cool stuff to check out in this area if you have the time as it is in between Quebec and Ontario.

I may be wrong but this body of work might be called Joyus Celebrations of Nine Lions


Two images in this one picture tells a story on it’s own…

Depending on who you are going with, the prices will vary based on age. However, if you are above 12 after tax it will be $20 per person. For full info about ticket pricing visit here.

The bird tree

Pieces to Look Out For

All the pieces are beautiful and there will be some displays that will resonate with some more than others, so here are my favourites:

Terry Mère – The Legend of Aataentsic- Mother Earth: This is probably the most popular piece in the exhibit and is the featured image for this article.

The Bird Tree: Pictured right above is really detailed and to really get the whole experience you have to walk around and see the numerous birds that comprise this piece.

Hachkio, The Loyal Dog: This is what is pictured below. Even though it is floral, this dog still looks adorable.

Hachiko: The Loyal Dog

Worth it?

Yes. Although the $20 might seem a little pricy it is still an interesting venue to take a look at. There was clearly a lot of hard work put it but the story telling and detailing done by the artists is what truly amazes me. If you are going to Ottawa or Montreal, this will be a fun pitstop along the drive.

My sister took a lot of pictures so see the slideshow below for more amazing pieces of art.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know what you think and if you plan on going in the comments below! Make sure you stay tuned for a #TheFitBreakDown post and more by subscribing via email so you won’t miss more content!

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