It’s been busy but I have a lot to talk and post from the Montréal weekend! Some of these posts will be food reviews, so let’s start with one particular spot I was surprised to see and curious to try… PF Chang’s.

See below for pictures of the food and venue throughout this post.

Location: 5845 Rue does Jockey, Montreal, Quebec

The set up right when you walk in.


Tofu Ma Po


If I’m being honest the taste wasn’t the greatest. However, it was far from terrible. In other words, it was decent. Each dish featured in this post has its own unique taste. In my opinion, the dish with the best taste was the one above, the Tofu Ma Po.

As much as I love broccoli, there might have been an overload here. Nevertheless, the Tofu was firm and had a great texture to it which made you want more. The vegetable curry with coconut milk was also enjoyable in my opinion but there is a distinct smell that not everyone will enjoy. The nuts complimented the sauce and the vegetables beautifully.

The pad Thai and vegetarian fried rice was not bad as well, but you definitely had to add some sauce to it. Overall the mains were decent, a little basic, but not terrible. Hopefully going forward they’ll make some changes to these items or add newer vegetarian options.


Once again my opinion, but I found the desserts more enjoyable than the actual dishes. The banana wontons with ice cream was the most delicious item I ate from here in my opinion. It had flavour, not too sweet and the crisp texture of the wontons provided a solid balance. The Great Wall Of chocolate was very rich but can be overwhelming, so definitely share that among others. To be honest, it tasted better the next day.

Vegetable Curry with coconut milk


Vegetarian fried rice

The price range was fairly expensive. It’s not affordable or cheap but it wasn’t super expensive either. The total for all six of these dishes came up to approximately $116.


Veggie pad Thai

The service was pretty good. It’s always great when there’s no complaints.


The venue was great. It was well decorated and great to look at. Unfortunately, I found the venue and interior more appealing than the food.

Would I go Again?

Spring rolls With Banana / Banana Spring Rolls
So far I’ve been frank, and that being said I would say no. I probably wouldn’t go again if I’m back in the city but I wouldn’t discourage others from going. I was excited to check this spot out and I don’t regret it. PF Chang’s an established franchise and I’m happy I had the chance to check it out.

Also, everyone has their opinions. Even though I didn’t enjoy it as much, my father really did. The food was decent (a little basic), but it definitely will fill you up. I do recommend PF Chang’s to experiment with more vegetarian options and to include different flavours to their dishes.

The Great Wall Of Chocolate

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