Nearly a month has gone by since #TOCC18 , and I think a review is long overdue.

This year, I only attended the Sunday of Toronto ComicCon but I still had a good time. Unfortunately, compared to the other years I didn’t take much video content which is why you won’t see an extended video recap here. Nevertheless, you can visit my Instagram (@CHIP_ls_thuv) to see my posts from the event.


The highlights of these conventions are usually when you get to take a solid pic during photo ops with the celebrity guests. This year there weren’t many guests that I was interested in but still a decent amount. I was happy to get a photo op with two awesome actors and cool individuals,  Manu Bennet ( “Arrow”) and John Wesley Shipp ( “The Flash”).

The interesting thing about Toronto ComicCon is that it much more relaxing and less busy than Fan Expo. The benefit of that is that you can always get a selfie and/or autograph at the Guest’s table. This is cool because you are able to have some really cool conversations with the guest where you get to know more about them and they will get to know more about you. I like to get my photo-op signed if I don’t have anything else that I want to get signed because it adds to the overall experience. If you wanted to read more about it check out my latest posts on IG including this one.


Although I only went for one day this year compared to the other two years I went, I felt like it was enough. I was able to get my comics signed, do photo ops, shop interesting items from vendors and everything else I wanted to do. In my opinion, this year did seem more quiet than the prior year (my favourite Toronto ComicCon).

More Activations Please!

One of the best part of Toronto ComicCon 2017 was the different activations set up where you can grab free items or participate in fun activities. To name a few from last year, the displays included fun and interactive promotion from Power Rangers, Valerian and Ghost In The Shell. However, this year didn’t have as many and was not as exciting.

One activation that was enjoyable was from OLG as they promoted their new “Hit or Miss”. The brand ambassadors provided a different approach to introduce the game with Nerf guns, prizes and real money. Yes, I said real money! I totally sucked hitting the targets but I still had a good time, and somehow my ticket won me $2.00!

More Food Options

Even though Toronto ComicCon is more relaxed, it would be best if they can get more food vendors providing different options to participate in the event next year. Right now, the food options are pretty common but expensive. Hopefully, there will be cheaper and newer options for ComicCon and FanExpo.


All in all, I enjoyed Toronto ComicCon!  I had great conversations, saw awesome interactions between other attendees and picked up some cool items from vendors. It’s a good place to go during the March Break, especially for kids! Stay tuned for more events, and more cons!

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