Review: Learning How to Fly A Plane

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During this past Easter Monday, I didn’t end up eating some delicious bunny chocolates… Instead, I ended up flying a plane… yes you heard me, Flying a plane!

I would have never imagined myself flying a plane, and boy was it something. I was convinced by my sister to sign up over the long weekend, and I’m glad I did. Take a look at the Instagram post for pictures and the video recap!

The sessions were purchased via Groupon for a pretty reasonable price ($149 for 40 mins of flying time).┬áThe company is called Barrie Flying Club and the hangar itself was located a little outside of Barrie, Ontario. As you can see on my face, I was pretty nervous and little terrified. However, the instructor, Eugene, was really helpful and relaxing. He provided information about flying (he’s been flying since he was 16!) , the altitude, how to read the measurements and so much more.

All in all, it’s definitely a recommended activity. My suggestion would be to look out for discounts or promotions from the company itself to help with the cost. Let me know what you think and if you end up going!

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