Recap: Live from 2018 NBA Playoffs – Toronto Raptors Vs. Washington Wizards Game 1

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The date April 14th, 2018 is significant to me for two reasons. The first, being it’s Tamil New Year and the second, it was game one of the first round of NBA Playoffs for the Toronto Raptors. As you may have seen on my previous post under #SockgameStrongSaturday , despite the horrible weather I ensured I stayed positive in my belief that the Raps will break the curse and make history!

Here’s a little recap video from the event:

Music: North Over Everything (Feat. Karl Wolf) – Peter Jackson *Peter Jackson has been doing the Raptors Playoff Anthem for a couple of years and this is the latest*

I’ve grown up watching the Toronto Raptors as a little kid, so trust me I’ve seen and lived through the heartbreak. However, I’ve also supported and knew it was going to get better. Growing up and watching basketball the time I did Chris Bosh was my favourite Raptor and I still believe he’s the most underrated player in NBA history.

It’s amazing to see how much DeMar and Kyle have grown, they’ve really utilized their chemistry. JV has been consistent and can’t wait to see where his career with the Raptors will lead him. We have solid team on our roster this year, and Coach Casey is finally letting them prove that. Something I look forward to see tomorrow and going forward is that we get to see other players get more playing time, especially Norman Powell & Jonas Valanciunis.

The weather did have an impact on the attendance as some seats were vacant and the Jurassic Park tailgate was cancelled. There was a moment at tip-off where the game almost got postponed because of a leak. Fortunately, the game went on and history was made. The Raptors Operations team provided free banners/sticks (see below) along with a free shirt incorporating the new slogan, North Over Everything.

Last time I went to a playoff game two years ago, I noticed a lot more activities inside where customization was available and more. Maybe, because this is round one they didn’t have it but I do hope there will be more options soon.

If you haven’t done so, download the Raptors mobile app for cool features and alerts!

Looking forward to what’s in store and see our guys take this victory and move on deep in the playoffs!

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