Full disclosure, I did not eat all those beautiful cheese tarts you see by myself but I had a few, and as you can see in the video when eating one, I definitely enjoyed it! Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Also, since this video shot I had a chance to eat more since that day to provide a more detailed review which you should read before purchasing from Pablo!


Pablo Cheese Tart Canada is under the umbrella Pablo brand that originates from Japan. I remember seeing an episode of Worth It where they visit different cakes in Japan and there they went to Pablo Coffee where they had their signature cheese tart. Along with other ventures Pablo has built quite a reputation for themselves with their beautiful and tasty pastries served in a high quality setting with somewhat affordable pricing. It made sense that when this Toronto location opened back in 2017 there were lineups almost daily.

New Era


This one of two open locations, more are coming soon. This specific location is in downtown Toronto, at Bay & Dundas where you can quickly park on the road or find parking spots relatively close by. The exact location is 114 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON.

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I will be honest I had a hard time correcting myself as I kept saying cheese cake instead of cheese tart because that’s what they remind me of. The crust is thick and has a great baked texture which crumbles in your mouth as you indulge yourself in the cheese filling while enjoying the respective flavour and the special ingredients included for that. For the signature, it is essentially the same but the jam on top has a good tang to it as well. You can tell there is time and skill that goes into each cheese tart as the taste definitely lives up to the presentation.

Top (Left to Right): White Chocolate Raspberry, Peach, Mango Bottom

(Left to Right): Grape, Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry Daifuku)

Like I said, I didn’t eat all of them but I have sampled a bite or treated myself to one and even though I was not disappointed in any, there are some key standouts that I am going to order again. Also the reason why I got this is because I wanted to try the different flavours and the signature cheese tart. My personal favourites are the matcha (so smooth), white chocolate rasberry (something about this white chocolate that is not too sweet but tastes so good), strawberry daifuku (my favourite fruit flavour from the box), and the apple cinnamon (tastes just like an apple pie.

Top (Left to Right): Matcha and Original

Bottom: (Roasted Almond Marshmallow, Tiramisu, Chocolate)

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In terms of pricing, I mentioned in the video that I noticed for this mini party combo the price went up by $5 or $10 on the Saturday, a day before the Super Bowl. However, it looks like the price is still the same and although $55 CAD is something I am not comfortable with spending frequently this would be great for a small get together or once in a while to be enjoyed in the span of the a few days with family members. I also really like the branded packaging (forks, wipes, bags, etc.) Of course, you can also order separate items and mini boxes, but the only thing that I wish was available but currently not, are the drinks. You can order in store or online ahead of time. Check here for more.

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In conclusion, I am definitely going to be buying from Pablo again I just wish they were closer to home whether it be in Scarborough, Markham, or North York! For the price you get the perfect balance of flavour, sweetness, and texture regardless of what specific flavour you are having. The filling is always going to be tasty and the texture of the crust perfectly holds everything together. I love the different flavours because they all taste different. I would love to try their drinks and I recommend this for one setting with friends and family (once it is safe to have get togethers) because you can still enjoy it after the fact but it is much better to enjoy it on the same day.

Let me know what you think and if you have tried it before, what your thoughts are! Make sure you follow the blog via email or on Instagram and Facebook for more content and food reviews!

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