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When it comes to Air Jordan sneakers, most sneakerheads stick with the retros, with the common complaint being it is too performance driven. However, I think with this specific sneaker it somehow can appeal to consumers of all generations, athletes to collectors, kids to adults. This is the review of the Air Jordan 35 in the “Centre of Gravity” colourway. For the unboxing and on feet look, check out the video below prior to proceeding with the detailed review beneath that.


As I mentioned earlier most consumers of sneakers often tend to stick with the retros when it comes to Air Jordan. Even though, those were designed as performance sneakers once upon a time. Recently, as Air Jordan releases a new annual signature model for their current roster of athletes to wear on court, they often pay homage to a sneaker from the past eg. Air Jordan 31, pays homage to the Jordan 1, Jordan 32 pays homage to the Jordan 2, etc. Although most of these models do sit until it goes on sale, however for Air Jordan 35 these definitely have won the interest of a lot of people, especially this colourway. With certain hints from the Air Jordan 5 (we will talk more below) to the overall tech invested. They also had a serious promotion for it as they featured a cool animated graphic that shows their roster wearing it and even have a live virtual press release for it.

The Air Jordan XXXV Is Here.
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Aesthetics and Design

Air Jordan 5 “Wings” vs Air Jordan 35 “Centre of Gravity”

With the side by side comparison you can see some similarities, mainly the iconic tongue. Of course, the Jordan 5 is popularly known for the 3M tongue while this AJ35 does not feature that but instead a nice stitching and pull tabs. There is a reflective piece on the side of the AJ35 sneaker that is placed right above the beautiful (and efficient) flywire. I really like the grid stitching you see on the tongue, the flywire and even on the toebox area. The black midsole material reminds me of my Jordan 15s a bit but the very distinguishable part is the flight plate that sits under a very visible curve. I also like the little details that you may miss out on at a first glance such as the text at the back of the tongue, the brail or even the nike tags that stick out from the heel.

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When it comes to tech there are a few things to take note. Firstly, there is Zoom Air, both on the heel and the forefoot (same as prior model, the Air Jordan 34). I have heard it is not as responsive, and when you are using it as a lifestyle sneaker you really don’t feel it as much but I do think you have a sense of appreciation for it as it is something that is easy to wear for multiple hours straight.

Speaking of the Air Jordan 34, the Air Jordan 35 advances from the eclipse plate with the flight plate which you visibly see in the midsole section. The purpose of this is because the designers wanted to get the most efficient energy return out of those Zoom Air units. As I mentioned in the video, it looks really thin so not sure about the durability on it. The flywire technology is seen right above the flight plate and that is what provided me that nice wrapped feeling around my foot.

Size and Fit

Ultimately, I am recommending true to size to get the best fit. I have gone .5 up on some Air Jordan’s before and rarely even .5 below, however true to size is the most common and this is no exception. As stated in the video, the cushioning inside above the heel of the sneaker is sturdy and digs into your ankle. At first it won’t be comfortable but I have been wearing these for 2 weeks straight and they feel great. If you really want it to be spacious then go .5 up but I really don’t recommend going .5 down.

New General 300x250

Price and Place of Purchase

Also in the video I mentioned that I knew these will eventually sell out so I was happy to grab a pair when I did as there is only one size left on Nike Canada and the resale on these do vary so definitely browse around for that! I grabbed mine from Nike Canada for $235 CAD + 10% discount!


Cop or drop? Cop. These are easily one of the best new Air Jordans to release! I am a fan of the prior models as well but these are my favourite and I know a lot of people do like these as well.

Comfort? Surprisingly comfortable. The special cushioning is stiff at first but really does mold into your feet and is pretty easy to put on and wear for multiple hours straight.

Aesthetic? It’s beautifully design shoe where it is perfect for a new futuristic sneaker with nice elements and subtle (somewhat hidden) details that pay homage to the classics and brand heritage. I love the different materials used, and the Flight Plate, looks insane but really cool, however the nice touch is the gradient across the midsole and overall colour blocking with the cool grey and vibrant colours.

Packaging? The packaging is really well done. You can tell that they did invest time and effort to come up with this design. Although it might be standard among all Air Jordan 35 sneakers, the design in interesting and unique, that provides a more enjoyable unboxing experience.

Price? Retail is not extremely high but still something Jordan is known for, which is being marked at a higher rate compared to other sneakers at $235 CAD. Unfortunately, when it comes to basketball sneakers only few are under $200 but nonetheless, I do think you do get a great shoe.

Overall, this sneaker is a great pickup in my opinion. I am curious to see how these do perform on court but as a lifestyle sneaker I do enjoy it and in all honesty, every time I look at it I appreciate it even more. Let me know what you think in the comments below or on the social media pages!

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