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Unlike other recaps, I’ll rather have the video do most of the work because it is still hard to put in words how surreal it felt to actually go to an NBA Finals game and see my team, the Toronto Raptors play. Unfortunately, we did lose but it was just an amazing journey to get there and experience it. The atmosphere was pretty good but like Stephen A Smith rightfully said, most people were missing the majority of the game to be in the concession stands which is why the energy wasn’t always there.


The half time performance of Flo Rida was great but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to view Alessia Cara’s rendition of the anthem which is why it is not included in the video. The seats are a long way from sprite zone pricing but nonetheless fortunate enough to get it directly from Ticketmaster when it released to the public. It was awesome to witness this especially because I do feel our team this year consists of some special guys. If you wanted to know more about why check out this post here.

As you can see below they set up a lot of cool images and displays so if you’re ever at the game or in the area definitely check them out! Scroll down to see the fit break down and how you can get certain pieces.


The Fit Break Down 



I was debating some options for this game in terms of what I was going to wear. However, I decided to go with my first option and instinct. I remember telling my sister that if we ever go to the NBA Finals I would wear this jersey and I am so glad that came to fruition. I remember when I got the jersey (got it as soon as it was released) there were people criticizing that decision because of the uncertainty of Kawhi being a Raptor next year. Nonetheless, in his one year being here, he has taken us to new heights and reminded everyone how great he is. I went with the OVO City edition jersey because I did like the white and gold colourway and how clean it looked but it fits perfectly with the NBA Finals theme. As seen on the back I also got the NBA Finals patch from Real Sports and they hot pressed it to the jersey which made it even more awesome. Visit real sports to see if they restocked on the patches and if you want them to put it on your jersey for free.

Place of Purchase: Jersey & Patch – Real Sports Toronto

Price: $139.99 CAD for the jersey and $20 CAD for the Patch. Pressing was free.


Drake’s partnership with the Raptors has been ongoing for the last couple of years. Although some hate him and this partnership, Drake has helped increase the awareness of the team and has had some awesome merchandise, events, and seating. I remember this shirt is considered the “OG” shirt and even after the game, a fan in awe came up to me and said that.


Although it may be surprising, this is the only piece in the outfit that was free! Yes, free. The shirt came free with the seat which was already discounted. A lot of people don’t know or remember OVO zone but it was a couple rows behind the net and in front of the DJ where you got seats for an amazing price and a collaborative gift from the Toronto Raptors and OVO.

Place of Purchase: OVO Zone Section @ The Toronto Raptors Game

Price: FREE!

Fun Fact: In this game, we were facing Milwaukee Bucks, who were clearly struggling but someone I noticed was a very young Giannis Antetokounmpo who even at that age was giving his heart out for his team. 



I was on a mission to get this hat prior to game 1 but it was sold out pretty much everywhere and online. I was hesitant to get it from Real Sports after Game 6 of the ECF because I wasn’t too sure if it was going to come in time. It was an absolute frenzy at the mall that morning where almost all stores were already sold out of Raptors gear. Fortunately, in the afternoon Footlocker got their shipment of these hats. However, my only regret is that I didn’t realize that Lids actually have certain players’ signature and numbers that you can get embroidered on the hat. I wish I knew and done that prior to going to the game but I am still probably going to do that in the near future because I have been rocking this hat almost daily since I purchased it. It’s historic.

Therefore, if you are interested almost all stores have restocked and it is available online as well. Once you do get your hat, check out Lids to know what players have given authorization for you to customize.

Place of Purchase: Foot Locker (In-Store).

Price: $44.99 CAD



As mentioned before a team is a special unit and frankly, it just wasn’t Kawhi who got us there. The other person that really helped and put the team first is Kyle Lowry. He is still a great leader and captain because he lets his other teammates shine and does whatever he can (even the stuff no one else wants to do) in order to see the Raptors succeed. Therefore, I had to rock these in honour of one of the greatest Raptors in franchise history and like the city edition jersey, this was also OVO inspired. I broke these out for the Raptors 905 Degrassi game, and you can check out more info on the shoe there.

Place of Purchase: Adidas Canada

Price: $160 CAD



Although the cup was only featured in one of the pictures, it is just so surreal reminder and a great souvenir from experiencing the Toronto Raptors at the NBA Finals.

Place of Purchase: Scotiabank Arena Concession Stands

Price:  Varies but it’s an add on for the collector’s cup. I believe it was $23 for the 2 slices plus the cup. Marked up INDEED.



I have had these socks in my collection for a while and if I am being perfectly honest, it’s not the most comfortable. However, it is pretty warm but my favourite part of this pair of socks is the beautiful Toronto Skyline. I got this at Real Sports shortly after the All-Star Weekend took place in Toronto for the first time ever. That’s why you see the NBA logo, and because of that historic moment, I felt it was only right to incorporate that to outfit as I enjoy this historic moment as well.

Place of Purchase: Real Sports Toronto

Price: $15 CAD or less


buffalo jeans - black

Last but not least, I had to be consistent with the black and gold theme so I went with a pair of black denim. I also went with this pair of Buffalo David Bitton jeans because I wasn’t too sure if it was Canadian or not, but based on the leaf in the logo I would assume so.

Place of Purchase: Jean Machine

Price: 2 for $70 CAD


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