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Another spot that I wanted to check out while in Tokyo (more specifically Shibuya) if time permits was this massive Air Jordan store that has special activations and exclusives inside. As someone who is a sneakerhead but also a fan of Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan brand, I was thrilled to check this out. If you are interested in visiting this unique store, I have included pictures of what you can expect along with some helpful info and tips. Before you continue to read below consider giving me a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook as I’ll be posting more Japan travel content! See below for a walkthrough/visual teaser of what to expect in the video below!

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This massive retail space (9,200-square-foot) is located at Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 6 Chome−25−14, Jre Jingumae Media Square Building, 1F. I checked this out on my last day as I walked through different stores in Harajuku including Galaxy Harajuku, and on my way to Shinjuku Garden (30 minutes from here). It’s a 9-minute walk from both Shibuya Parco and Shibuya Sky. As you can see, there was a bit of a line outside when I went, but it moves fast.


There are a few things that you can immerse yourself in at this flagship store which I thought was both cool and fun. One of them is a green screen video where you choose among three different basketballs that will generate a special background to take photos and videos (15 seconds). The background will vary depending on the ball you choose (innovative and intriguing use of motion technology). I highly recommend going into the room with someone to help record and send the files to your email. Another cool thing you can do is sit down and enjoy the comfort of a lounge filled with Jordan memorabilia from exclusive sneakers in a glass display to iconic photos on display. They even have the manga, Slam Dunk, available for you to read which was a great touch.

Customization and Workshop

Another exclusive experience here was their customization option. In this back corner, you can grab some exclusive accessories to purchase and customize as a Nike member. I know it mentioned Jason Markk so not sure if there was a sneaker-cleaning service as well or if it was just the accessories for sale. You had a few options to buy to get customized such as Jordan 1 sneakers, a bomber jacket, and shorts. The customization is free but you do need to buy the pin, which came out to be around $18 CAD / ¥1,870. you need to reserve the ability to participate in customization via the app but I have it and it wouldn’t work. Apparently, it only works for locals as the girl I was talking to mentioned a lot of foreign people had the issue even though they were in the Japan Nike online store via the app.

It was unfortunate and I appreciate the staff’s patience but I am not upset by it since the customization is just laser stitching or placing patches, tags, and pins. You can choose among different categories but you are only limited to one each. The two close-up shots of the pins you see on the Jordan signature elephant cardigan (I ended up buying) are special pins that are exclusive to the World of Flight store which means it is only available here and in Milan. Unfortunately, you can only buy one of these pins. TIP: Try to see if you can access the customization via the Nike app a few days before you go so you can reserve your spot

Exclusives and Shopping Experience

Last but not least, I had to talk about shopping here! There was a lot of space inside so you never felt crowded and there were a decent amount of products available. There are also some cool screens, displays, and areas to sit and relax. Unfortunately, there weren’t many exclusives or things that stood out to me. I was hoping to get a Rui Hachimura sneaker but they didn’t have any. They will release exclusives throughout the year so you never know. I did see they have Japan’s basketball team apparel and some performance-fit sneakers (I don’t see that available in Canada). I did like some of their items like the elephant print cardigan I bought since I don’t usually see that. Tip: The pricing is about the same as in North America and I didn’t pay any taxes for my purchase because of my passport. Also, you do have the option to buy a reusable bag, and I highly recommend you buy the big one for ¥200 since it is exclusive, massive, and looks great!


In conclusion, I do recommend visiting Tokyo’s World of Flight store since there is only two World of Flight stores in the world and this is the biggest one! The staff were cool, and the selection was nice, but overall the unique experiences made this special. I highly recommend this for sneakerheads and fans of the Jordan brand or Michael Jordan. If you have been here or are planning to go, let me know in the comments below or on social media by giving me a follow (would really appreciate it) on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook as I will be posting more Japan and sneaker content!


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