Hey everyone, this blog post is interesting because as you can potentially see in the photos and videos, these were taken at two different seasons (winter and summer). However, I did try various items which are enough to give a review of this spot and even franchise as there are multiple Xing Fu Tang locations in Canada and the US. Read below for my review on the different items and this specific location, but don’t hesitate to support by following the blog via social media on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! For a POV inside the store and visual teaser, see below!

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History & Location

Xing Fu Tang prides itself on being the best hand-crafted brown sugar boba from Taiwan and has since expanded their operations across the globe. These pearls are made fresh and you can see them make it right in front of you whenever you come in to order a drink. Their signature item besides the boba is the brown sugar boba milk but they also have several items, all made to order. The location I went to was at the arguably the most popular Boba/Bubble Tea location in Canada, the r midland and finch area/plaza  more specifically 115-3278 Midland Ave, Scarborough, Ontario. The plaza has a lot of parking but be cautious because it is a lot of traffic inside. The wait time wasn’t bad at all and I didn’t have any issues with the service. They also had claw machines and a few seats.


As you can see by the menu the price is not really high given they are marketed as more of a premium spot due to the made to order approach and ingredients being used. There are some speciality items (eg. large milk tea float for $9.75) and even then it wasn’t bad in my opinion.


In total I tried three different drinks, all really different from one another but all I enjoyed. The first was the Matcha Pearl Milk. Aesthetically it looks incredible with the layering, and if you drink it as is it is a bit sweet which I didn’t mind, but to “unsweet” it, just stir to mix everything around. The other drink I got was the Kiwi Soda. It tastes like how it sounds, and I did like the colour on this drink but my only drawback is that the sprite did overpower the taste of kiwi. Finally, the last drink I got was a popular item in the summer which was a large Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Float with Vanilla Ice Cream. It was pretty massive and I do suggest you mix it/stir it around. It reminded me of a chocolate milkshake and the pearls in this drink were incredible. I really liked the texture of it as it wasn’t hard to chew but you did enjoy the flavour and taste as you devour the pearls. I did want to try the soft serve itself but at the time I went they didn’t have it.


I really did like all the drinks at Xing Fu Tang, and I see why they take pride in their pearls. My favourite out of the three was the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tear Float, followed by the Matcha Pearl Milk. I would recommend these two because for the price you are getting your money’s worth. I am curious to try more items from them such as their coconut coffee because if it is anything like the coconut coffee in Hawaii, then I am sure I would love it! If you have been here and/or tried any of these drinks let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on the upcoming social media posts by giving a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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