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Is it weird I enjoyed a Red Bull mixed drink at Tim Horton’s!? Well I did, and I finally went to the Tim Horton’s Urban Cafe! A few weeks ago I was in Mississauga and I was always curious to visit one of the Urban Cafes and since this was somewhat near where I was at, I made the visit and I insisted on trying different items specific to these not-so-average Timmies! Before reading below for my review on the different items I tried at this specific location, don’t hesitate to support by following the blog via social media on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! See below for a look inside the store and what you can expect when reading below!

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About and Location

The Tim Hortons urban cafes aka the boujee Tim Hortons were launched not too long ago and can be found in several locations across the GTA but the one I went to was in Mississauga, specifically at 394 City Centre Drive. Keep in mind the parking is super limited as you can park quickly on the road but you might need to pay. I didn’t take any proper pics of inside this cafe (you can see a bit in the video) but it did look really nice inside even though a majority of the customers are getting their orders to go. As you can see above these Tim Hortons cafes offer a variety of speciality items such as exclusive drinks and pastries eg. creme brûlée donut or the matcha croissant.

The other urban cafe locations (as shared on their Twitter) are 17 Lower Jarvis St, 2152 Danforth Ave, 82 Adelaide St, 375 King St W, 40 University Ave, 1167 Queen St West, 1256 Dundas St W, 1251 Bloor St W, 637 Kingston Rd, 426 Danforth Ave, and 130 Harbour St.

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Tims XTRA (with RedBull) Sunrise Sunset

The pricing is not terrible at all. For instance, the Tims XTRA (Tim Hortons drink with Red Bull and in the US it is called “Tims Boost”) was only $4.49. Despite it being in only one size (three different flavours – I went with the sunrise sunset), it was more than enough. The vanilla matcha croissant was a bit pricey at $2.49 (I believe the creme brûlée donut was the same price as well) but I wouldn’t say it was overpriced since the croissant was fairly large with a good amount of matcha vanilla drizzle. I will say the medium Matcha creamy chilly was pricey at $5.29.

Matcha Vanilla Croissant
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Matcha Creamy Chill

Now let’s get to the part where you ask, is it worth it? In short, yes. I really liked all 4 items ordered but my favourite has to be the crème brûlée donut as it had good texture up top with a mildly sweet filling, which made it easy to eat and not overwhelming. I was a bit worried about the Tims XTRA, but as the associate who recommended it to me said, not only does it look pretty but the tropical raspberry (sunrise sunset) is not too strong and you can still enjoy the sweetness. In terms of the matcha items, I liked them because it was more towards the sweet side. For instance, the matcha creamy chill was good because it wasn’t overpowering with sweetness and you still got to taste the matcha. The croissant was okay, and I liked the flakiness of it but in terms of distinctive taste, I would say it had the least.

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Creme Brûlée Donut

All in all, I enjoyed the food and service at this specific Tim Hortons Urban Cafe and I wish there were more locations. I do recommend these products and checking out the cafe because it’s nice to try some things you don’t see often for a decent price. Although it is frustrating when you see other Tim Hortons around the world have delicious menu items, at least with these cafes you get to enjoy some of that. Let me know your thoughts if you have been here or plan on going in the comments below or on social media by following on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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