REVIEW & INSIDE: Fantastic Beasts : The Wonder of Nature

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I’ll be honest, I was hesitant with this blog post because I wasn’t entirely sure if pictures and videos were allowed because I saw everyone taking them and no one being asked not to. Mind you, I did go last month (around the second week of July) so not sure if there has been any updates. Nevertheless, it was a really cool exhibit, especially if you’re a fan of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but if you’re not, you might still enjoy it. In this blog post I will share my experience of the overall exhibit, share some pics, info, and tips. Before you read below, make sure to check out (and hopefully follow) on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more Harry Potter Content! See below for the videos of the exhibit and preview of what you can see below!

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This exhibit is exclusively at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) which is located at 100 Queens Park, Toronto, Ontario. I say exclusive because from my knowledge it is only available here in Canada and the only other place that has this exhibit is the National History Museum in the United Kingdom. If you are driving, I would recommend the Green P parking space right across the U of T track which is convenient and a few minute walk from the ROM.

Tickets and Duration

The exhibit is available until January 2nd, 2023 and in terms of tickets you do have to buy it separate if you are already in the museum since it is a special exhibition. However, if you buy the ticket online the ticket includes general admission to the museum so you can enjoy it after visiting this which is not bad for $35 ($21 for child and $29 for students/seniors/youth). The whole experience is great to check out and in terms of the duration, it is really up to you and what you like. I found that there are so many cool things to experience from the special artifacts to the memorabilia from the movies (eg. Newt’s jacket and suitcase). There are also quite a few interactive sections in the exhibit I recommend everyone to check out from getting the attention of the Niffler or Erumpent to the summoning of the bowtruckles or the illumination of mooncalves. Of course, like any special exhibit you will also find a gift shop with some exclusives. I will say the whole exhibit to really experience everything takes an hour to two max but once again, it’s up to you.

Fantastic Beasts

Mythical Creatures

Interactive Sections

Gift Shop


In conclusion, I thought it was a nice exhibit for everyone of all ages to enjoy. I liked that there was a good mix of interactive components to display pieces that allows you to grasp the effort and work put into this exhibit. I do recommend anyone to check it out, especially fans of Fantastic Beasts, fans of mystical creatures, and even those interested in wildlife. If you have been been here before, I am curious to know what your thoughts are via the blog comments or by commenting on the related posts on social media so feel free to follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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