REVIEW: Stephen Curry Flow 9 “We Believe”

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In case you missed it, Stephen Curry has just won his first NBA Finals MVP & 4th ring with the Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry was instrumental in all those victories and helped Golden State Warriors to be the powerhouse they are today not only saving the franchise and turning it into a dynasty, but also changed the NBA and the way the game is played today. That being said, it was only a matter of time till I owned a pair of his sneakers and when I saw this colourway, and how significant it was, I had to grab it and do a review! Read below to learn the significance, my honest thoughts, and more info but first, please follow the blog and on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more sneaker content! See below for an on-feet look and yes, I actually did make that shot but I couldn’t get a better angle haha!

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Info + Background

As mentioned earlier Stephen Curry, is one of the greatest basketball players to have ever played the game and has changed the way the game has played since entering the league 13 years ago. Some of his known achievements include being the first unanimous regular season MVP, all star MVP, and currently holds the record for most 3-pointers made. If you just take a look at his Wikipedia page of the amount of achievements he has, it’s overwhelmingly admirable.

This is why it’s a huge deal that he he has his own signature brand within Under Armour similar to Air Jordan under Nike. This is his second sneaker, the flow 8 was the first which is very similar to the 9 but we’ll get into that later. Regardless, his resume on and off the court is impressive with the different business ventures he has and his philanthropic work including what he’s doing with the Curry brand. The goal they set to achieve by 2025 is to make a positive impact on more than 100,000 youth via creating at least 20 safe play areas, support 125 programs for young athletes and train more than 15,000 coaches.

Image source: SLAM & ESPN

However, his journey to this point wasn’t always certain. Sure his dad was a respected NBA Player, Dell Curry (who even played for the Toronto Raptors), but he faced some critics and doubters based on his size and capabilities. Yet, he continued to work and show his potential which is why the Golden State Warriors drafted him 7th overall in the 2009 NBA Draft. This was a few years after the “We Believe” Era, which till this day is one of the most fun NBA runs in my opinion. I remember I was just started to get interested in basketball at the time and I would sneak downstairs to watch some of the games from that 06-07 season, because that roster lead by Baron Davis, Al Harrington, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, Jason Richardson, and Monta Ellis was exciting! What gave them their name was because despite none of them being superstars they were still a dynamic team that took the underdog title with pride and even upsetted the higher seed teams eg. Mavs. Sure, it was only one season but it was a memorable time, especially for Golden State Fans, hence why the Warriors & Steph still pay homage to it to this day, especially with these sneakers!

Aesthetics & Design

As mentioned above 1) these do look similar to its predecessor, the flow 8 but also have certain distinctions. This specific colourway stands out because of the We Believe Warriors jersey colours are prominent for this colour blocking with the dark navy predominately covering the shoe sitting on the white UA flow midsole and outsole. Nevertheless, whenever you look at the UA Wrap upper you will see orange stitched in and also present on the aglets. It’s also found on the outsole where his signature and the UA logo on the TPE piece. The yellow is also there for little design elements on the heel and laces. However, the most noticeable “We Believe” nod is on the midsole with the wide lightning type shapes on the midsole that features all 3 team colours. You also see the lightning bolt and 3 colours on the sock-liner.

Price and Place of Purchase

It’s actually surprising to see that it’s not easy to be able to get Curry sneakers like before, even when the line first happened. Of course, these are actually under his own signature brand (eg. Air Jordan) plus the reviews have been mostly favorable. That being said, you might be able to grab a pair at Footlocker or Champs but definitely not all colourways, and it includes this one. This was exclusive to Under Armour directly but click here to buy in case of a restock but currently it is sold out, however I noticed 2 sizes restock which is how I got my pair. The price of these are $190 CAD and you might be able to get it for a similar price on the resale market but definitely try to see all your options first and visit the UA website regularly to see any restocks or new drops!


Similar to the prior model, this sneaker uses Under Armour’s innovative technology for footwear, the flow technology. Flow eliminates rubber while keeping the sneakers light with the patented foam and yet still provides an incredible grip. As you can see by the outsoles on the sneakers, the traction on this is amazing. As someone who has hooped in these sneakers inside the ball court, the traction really is impressive. There is also the UA WARP (the upper) that is there to help mold into your feet for better comfort and control when moving around.

Size and Fit

Sizing might be a bit difficult to comment on. The size I got was an 11.5 (.5 up my true to size) and I think they fit really comfortably. However, at times I did feel that maybe going true to size, even though it would’ve been really snug, it might’ve kept my ankles more secure. Mind you, my ankles were fine and I felt great playing it but my feet were a bit more sore than usual, it really could’ve just been me not lacing firmly. However, when wearing it casually I felt the sneakers fit perfectly which is why you should be fine with a .5 up if you have more of a wider foot and to get more room. Going true to size should be fine but be warned it will be snug.


Cop or drop? 100% cop! These sneakers are awesome in terms of the significance, comfort/tech, and to have a subtle colour-blocking while simultaneously having a lot of little details that pay homage to the franchise he helped save and take to new heights.

Comfort? Decent. Like I said for casual/lifestyle my .5 up was super comfy. It was still comfortable while playing basketball but not as much as it did when going on a walk or doing small activities.

Aesthetic? It’s amazing! The colour blocking that pays homage to retro Warriors logo during the We Believe Area is done so well and also is pretty subtle which makes the sneaker more versatile. Even the different material incorporated doesn’t draw in too much attention but does have a lot of flare.

Packaging? It’s nice! The white box with the silver Curry branding is a great touch but inside the packaging paper having the tiled pattern of the curry logo is a nice touch and sure white and silver doesn’t provide a strong contrast, but with the vibrant yellow inside, it works.

Price? It’s fair. Yeah it might be a lot for an Under Armour sneaker but you do get your money’s worth with this sneaker. Plus, this is a generational athlete and clearly one of the most influential players to have ever graced the NBA court. Plus, when you put in the fact that this sneaker does pay homage to a beloved era of the underdogs to now being a force to be reckoned with.. it’s a full circle moment. Plus, with proceeds actually going back to help others and make a positive change, why not!?

All in all, these are just my honest thoughts about this sneaker and I am grateful to have this in my collection. What are your thoughts? Are you trying to grab a pair? Let me know in the comments below or on the upcoming social media posts by following on InstagramFacebook and TikTok!

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