REVIEW: Steven Harrington X Nike Blazer Low Flyleather “Earth Day”

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Happy Earth Day everyone! So this review is long overdue, mainly because I was hoping to do a video on it but frankly not sure if I ever will (maybe). Nonetheless, I wanted to do this review for today since I actually grabbed it on Earth Day 3 years ago. This is a really cool sneaker as it is a staple to many but what makes it special is that it features a sustainable materials and unique artwork thanks to the collaborator. Therefore, as always make sure to read below for more info and follow the blog and on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more sneaker content! For an on feet look, check out the Tiktok below1

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Background & Innovation

Usually these are two different sections (usually backgroud and techs + specs) but I think for this review it is important to talk about it together. Prior to discussing the special collaborator on this sneaker, it’s important to note that the Nike Blazer is a classic sneaker that initially debuted as a basketball sneaker in 1973. Although you have probably seen the high cut version more than the lows, but it is still a clean sneaker that can go with almost anything depending on the colour-blocking. This sneaker still has key elements that you will find on any other Nike blazer such as the stitching, vulcanized toe, etc.

However, what separates this blazer low from others are 2 great things. The first is that this sneaker is made with at least 50% leather fiber aka Flyleather innovation. Flyleather is made with at least 50% leather fiber as it is composed of discarded and synthetic leather scrap which aligns with Nike’s efforts to sustainability to reduce their carbon footprint. Frankly, I don’t see why they don’t make all their sneakers with Flyleather.


This is still somewhat part of the background but what makes this sneaker pop is the man who makes this sneaker aesthetically intriguing. That is none other than LA based artist, Steven Harrington. Steven Harrington has made a name for himself over the past few years with his unique style and signature characters. His style is often described as bright and psychedelic but I want to add fun to that as well. You may have seen his work at certain exhibits or via different collaborations.

You can actually see his art with a special earth character on the outside panels of the sneaker along with his signature palm tree in the inside panels near the heels. You will also notice that the little details such as the swoosh is not the regular swish you see as this is consistent to Harrington’s artwork. Although the sneaker is predominately white (which serves as a great canvas for Steven Harrington’s illustration to pop) they are subtle balance of green and blue hues throughout the sneaker including the outsole as one sneaker has a blue outsole while the other has a green outsole . You will also notice the tongue has a special distinction as it celebrates the collaboration and the other place you can see it will be the packaging (see below).

Sizing and Fit

I would have to say that this sneaker is not a comfortable sneaker but also not something that is uncomfortable. It is pretty flat and is expected given that this is a classic sneaker from Nike. In terms of sizing, I went with a true to size (11 for me) and they fit perfectly fine and I do have more of a wider foot if that helps. I would recommend checking in store for regular blazers and trying them on there prior to buying these from the resale market.

Price and Place of Purchase

As I mentioned earlier, I did get this on Earth Day in 2019 and it was directly from Nike Canada’s website via their web sneakers page. The price of the sneaker was only $95 CAD which isn’t bad at all since the Sacai blazer low is $160 at Nike and other retailers. Unfortunately, since this was released in 2019 your best bet would be grabbing these online via resale sites.


Cop or drop? 100% cop! I don’t see why not as you not only get a more versatile and sustainable sneaker with the composition and colour blocking, it also features artwork from a talented artist.

Comfort? It’s not going to win any points here but that is expected for classic basketball sneakers from the 70s which are now staple everyday fashion sneakers.

Aesthetic? It’s incredible. I love Steven Harrington’s work and the fact that it pops so perfectly here makes this sneaker such a great sneaker. It honestly doesn’t look that bad with some scuffs as well.

Packaging? I love it! Just like the sneaker, it serves a good contrast for the owner to appreciate the beautiful artwork from Steven Harrington from the outside and inside with the packaging paper. It also features a bit of information about Nike Flyweather.

Price? A limited edition collaboration sneaker for under $100 CAD, that’s almost unheard of so yes I think the pricing is fair. I would advise not to spend too much though but most likely it will be more than the retail price.

In conclusion, I love these Earth Day sneakers. I do wish more sneakers used vegan leather and sustainable materials. Hopefully we get to appreciate sneaker culture while still incorporating more sustainable practices. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and please show some support by following on YouTubeInstagramFacebook and TikTok!

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