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During this scary time of being at home (as much as you can) I felt that one way I can be productive is to start to write more and release content related to my recent trip to New York. Therefore, stay tuned for more New York related content, especially with the food. Among all my trips, the food has been the best, and this, Seasoned Vegan is no exception to that. Read below for my detailed review about this establishment so next time you are in the area you have a better idea if this is a place you should check out!


55 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10026, United States

This is their flagship location, and I believe they sell some of their food online as well. You can visit their website for more information. Although I went in for dine-in, I saw a lot of people doing take out.


Lemon Crusted Chicken Nuggets

This was one food spot that my sister wanted to check out and it was one of the places we had to check out during this trip. When visiting their website their slogan says “your favourite food, veganized”. They definitely stand by that as there are so many different options to choose from. Nonetheless, the taste, is what really matters.

Seasoned Vegan_1
BBQ Riblets with a side of Baked Mac and Cheese and Sweet Potato Souffle

Most vegan options usually have a distinctive texture or style to them, and sometimes it can be cooked and prepared to taste great and sometimes it can be undercooked and taste horrible. Fortunately, Seasoned Vegan’s food is cooked with a lot of flavour (nothing overpowering), great texture, and all the while make you question if this is actually vegan!

My top 3 items in terms of taste are the lemon crusted chicken nuggets (pictured above), the baked mac and cheese (pictured directly above), and a tie between the praline crunch ice cream (pictured further below) and the bbq riblets (pictured directly above).


Seasoned Vegan_4
Crawfish in Garlic Basic Sauce with a side of Rice with Capers and Parsley Potatoes

In terms of price, I would consider this more on the higher end. Unfortunately, when it comes to Vegetarian or Vegan options I always find that it is usually more expensive, and that’s for food at restaurants and for the items you get at your supermarket.

We ordered from the dinner menu, and the cheapest thing would technically be the passionfruit juice at $4 USD (which is priced high in my opinion) but in terms of meals it would be the Harlem Chopped Cheeseburger (picture can be found below in the blog post) at $11USD and the most expensive item was the Crawfish in garlic basil sauce at $19USD (which can be seen above). The good thing about the entrees that the crawfish falls under is that it does come with two sides. Although the sides are portioned to be a side it definitely helps justify the price. For more options check here.


Praline Crunch Ice Cream

The servers were really nice, but the wait time was really long. It took a while to actually get our orders and other requests because it was relatively busy and they were going in and out of the kitchen. Fortunately, the staff were really nice and added to the positive atmosphere.


The venue and atmosphere was pretty nice, it had some good music and chill vibes. There was a decent amount of space, and my only dislike about the venue was that the table was a bit wobbly. I think the take out orders also contributed to this. However, it was a still nice venue for a family dinner, date, or just a gathering of friends and/or colleagues.

Would I go Again?

Salted Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie

It’s a maybe from me. The main reason why was that this restaurant was pretty far from everything else on the trip and unless I have more time or in Harlem for a day then I will be happy to stop by again.


Harlem Chopped Cheese Burger

In terms of recommendations, I would love to see them have more staff if possible just to improve the wait time in terms of service. The food was solid but the price is a bit high so if they had more specials/deals maybe that would also be good to see. I do love that there are more and more vegetarian/vegan options so I hope they keep it up and expand to other areas around the globe!

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