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In my opinion, one of the best parts of my recent trip to New York was the food. There were a lot of great vegetarian options and I was not disappointed with anything I ate, including Dos Toros. Read below to find out why and what you can expect if you plan on ordering from there.


Dos Toros has quite a few locations which you can check out here, but the one I went to is located at 52 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019, United States. The reason why I went to this location is due to the fact it is walking distance to the Rockefeller center.

Also, I was really happy to find out that there was a Dos Toros nearby because I heard about via Complex’s YouTube videos. The employees often give high praise so I was always curious to try it. You can see one of the videos below.


Impossible Ground Beef Nachos

As a vegetarian, another thing I wanted to try in New York was the Impossible Meat. Fortunately, Dos Toros had this as an option so ended up trying it through three different items. The burrito, bowl, and nachos. They all had so many different flavours that didn’t overpower each other and weren’t too messy. The impossible ground beef was a little dry which worked out as the sauces and other toppings complimented each other.

The reason why the food was in takeout containers is that I needed to eat something before my time for the NBC studio tour and then finish after the tour. Usually, whenever you have that first bite as soon as you eat something it tastes great, but there is a significant drop in satisfaction. However, I did not experience that with any of these dishes because they tasted great before and after my tour (2-hour difference).  In my opinion, all three items were equally delicious.



I wouldn’t say prices are affordable or expensive, but it is typical compared to their competitors eg. Chipotle. Since this was in USD, I would’ve thought it would be a bit cheaper but nonetheless, the food was worth every penny! You can see more about the prices on their website.


Impossible Ground Beef Bowl

There was a good system in place when you are building your item and the staff was polite, which was great because it was extremely busy and crowded.



As mentioned previously, we didn’t sit down and dine in but to be fair, even if we wanted to we couldn’t because it was that busy. It was clean and very accessible to other popular locations and stores.

Would I go again?

Classic burrito with Impossible Ground Beef

Absolutely! If I am ever in New York again I will definitely be grabbing some food from them and hopefully, they will have some new options I can try. In terms of recommendations, I would love to see them open up more locations especially in Toronto!

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