REVIEW: Backlot Cafe – Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

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This review will be coming out before the video recapping my time at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London, better known as the Harry Potter Film Tour, but it should get you excited for what’s next.

Stay tuned for the post with more pics and information from the tour but for now, I wanted to share with you my review of one of the food options available inside this tour. This specific food court is highly talked about when someone mentions the food options available.



As mentioned, it is inside the tour (Studio Tour Dr, Watford) but around the halfway point.


Vegetarian Bratwurst Dog

After a very long flight and terrible pizza at Watford (just one spot), this tasted amazing. Therefore, not considering those other factors I still would say the food tasted great. My favourite item I tried was the veggie hot dog you see above. Even though I prefer the veggie dogs sold from hot dog vendors in downtown Toronto or outside a Canadian Tire, the other ingredients elevated the taste of this decent veggie dog. I am referring to the brioche bun which was not too sweet or soft and still was durable while devouring the dog and tasty crispy onions.


The chickpea burger was solid as well but it didn’t stand out to me the way that the bratwurst dog did. The fries weren’t salty either which is a pro if you’re feeling guilty of eating fast food. That being said, the vegan chicken wrap was my least favourite because it was pretty dry and bland. It was still decent to eat but hopefully, they can work on improving the taste of it somehow. Of course, the butterbeer was great as well but I did find it a little too sweet.


Spiced Chickpea Burger

In terms of price, I would classify this on the medium to higher scale based on the fact that it is penetrated due to the cafe being inside a popular tourist attraction and the food options are from basic. I don’t think it is something to be disappointed about because of the quality of the food and because of the numerous hours you will spend there, you need it to keep your energy up. I forgot how much the Butterbeer was but I think it was around 5 pounds and the most expensive item was a tie between the veggie dog and veggie burger. You can check the full menu here for more options.

Butterbeer… I had to (it’s not alcohol)



The service was great and relatively fast. It is odd to see that in such a busy environment, especially with the special menu items they had.



The venue is great with a lot of cool props and seating options, whether you want to sit inside or outside. Also, if you bought the souvenir cup there is a washing station (see above) to help clean the cup after you consumed your drink. If you do choose to sit outside, you are closer to the next step of the tour as you have a great view of the knight bus and 4 Privet Drive.


Vegan Chicken Wrap

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Besides my recommendation about the vegan chicken wrap, I don’t have much as I was really happy to see so many vegetarian options and the price was fairly reasonable. I do suggest, however, if they can somehow incorporate more Harry Potter themed items on their menu. It would be great to see some Honeydukes desserts, but that’s just a suggestion. All in all, if you do decide to go on this tour I highly recommend you grab a bite from here!

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