The Fit Break Down: Permission to Dance on Stage LA

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Yesterday I posted the detailed review/recap of my time in LA for Permission to Dance on Stage, so I wanted to also do a quick and simple The Fit Break Down for anyone that was interested in what I was wearing. I wanted to do this post especially since the release of Proof definitely makes me reminisce of how awesome PTD LA was! Before you scroll below, I would appreciate your support by following on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) especially if you’re BTS Army or curious as there are several BTS related content already there!


BTS Butter x McDonals 1/4 Zip

This was a gift from my sister for my birthday because she knew how much I loved butter and even though I rarely get anything from McDonald’s, I thought this was one of the best items they had in this capsule. Although it was hot in LA, it wasn’t too bad as this sweater does fit true to size and the material is pretty versatile. It was also nice to get a few compliments about this sweater from other BTS Armies.

Price: I am not 100% sure on how much my sister spent but on the Weverse app/site it shows $82.68 USD.

Place of Purchase: Like most BTS items, the Weverse apps.


What goes perfect with this sweater? Matching BTS Butter socks of course! This was part of a 2 pack, to see the other one you can visit my fit break down for my simple outfit for my birthday.

Price: I am not 100% sure on how much my sister spent but on the Weverse app/site it shows $17.65 USD for the pack.

Place of Purchase: Weverse as well.

Bandana Scarf

Of course, I wanted to get something from the merch that was available exclusively there but like I mentioned in the recap blog post not a lot of options in my size. Also, I realized that the merch definitely got better for the other PTD cities. However, I did see this bandana and thought it looked cool hence why I grabbed it! To see more of what was available make sure to visit the blog post here.

Price: $28 USD. Frankly, this was overpriced for sure.

Place of Purchase: Permission to Dance on Stage LA.

BTSArmy Bomb / Light Stick

I know this is an accessory but I am so happy I was finally able to get one! These are one of the coolest things ever and I wish every BTS Army can get one. It’s cool because as you can see in the concert tiktok that the lights do change colour depending on the song and you can always manually adjust it. I remember when going to the airport there was a husband and wife who attended the concert and the husband was telling someone about how that experience of these light sticks was so cool.

Price: $59 USD

Place of Purchase: Permission to Dance on Stage LA.


I may do a review of my Fear of God Essential items but these FOG essential backless sneakers definitely came in clutch for me as I wore these for almost the whole day while standing on my feet. I wanted to go with these because they were subtle but also worked perfectly with BTS since they do wear a lot of Essentials items and did a shoot wearing all Fear of God. I do want to note that I got lucky because a) these sneakers were originally $295 CAD I just got a really good price for them and b) the sizing is terrible and I just happened to go with the exact measurements and take a chance hoping it would work out… and it did because I went 2 sizes down and I still had some room! Price: $156.00 CAD

Place of Purchase: SSENSE

The Mask

I should note that the mask although it was required to wear at all times we specially made sure to pack the purple ones since that is BTS’ colour! We even got asked about our masks by BTS fans there and as we told them we got it on Amazon! I got it in 50 piece mask because frankly not only do these K94 masks look better they also fit more secure and comfortably. Price and place of purchase listed above!


And last but not least went with some simple board shorts because I was already wearing a sweater on top might as well wear shorts at the bottom. Also the colour matches the sneakers so it felt like the right choice!

Price: $10-$15 CAD

Place of Purchase: Bluenotes

Well there you have it, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it makes it easier to get some of these items if they are of your interest. Once again, I would sincerely appreciate it if you can follow on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more styling content, BTS content, and overall stuff that you would see on!

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