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If you’ve been following the blog or on social media, you know that I recently, I got a chance to watch an an early screening of the latest instalment in the Fantastic Beasts series, “The Secrets of Dumbledore” last week! During the event they mentioned that they will be transforming a bakery into a small pop-up to bring Jacob Kowalski’s bakery to life! Thankfully the time has come and I was able to go down to support Jacob’s entrepreneurial aspirations thanks to Warner Brothers Canada & The Grand Order of Divine Sweets. Read below for all the info including pictures! Also, feel free to follow the blog and on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more content related to the Wizarding World!

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This pop up experience is located at The Grand Order of Divine Sweets storefront which can be found at 1162 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J5. If you are driving there, there is some parking available on the road but best to check out some parking lots nearby, I would recommend the Green P parking lot which is a 10 min walk from the store.

Availability & Hours

This pop up experience is free to anyone but is only happening today and tomorrow from 10 AM–7 PM. We went early today (10:05) just in case and waited outside for 40 minutes. I believe the reason for this is because with the exception of media, they are only allowing 5 people at a time.

Duration and Experience

We made sure to check out everything and browse through the options including taking some photos which was about 20 minutes maximum. When you finally enter, you can take some photos with Jacob’s pastry cart or the movie posters inside prior to browsing the different food options available. Keep in mind the bread, although real, is not for sale and is just there for props.

Exclusives & Treats

There are some exclusive items made just for this popup including “The Sorting Hat” cupcake which is cool because once you bite into it, there are 4 possible different coloured frostings underneath the hat and chocolate on top to represent the 4 houses of Hogwarts. The cake tasted great as it was super chocolatey yet not overtly sweet. Another cool exclusive would be the Niffler made out of chocolate bathing in a tart filled with a nice cream (maybe has some citrus flavours inside?), topped with of course for the Niffler, gold flakes. Other exclusives that can be found are Hogwarts acceptable letter cookies and the promotional movie poster ones. There are also amazingly decorated Harry Potter themed cakes which The Grand Order of Divine Sweets are known for. Some of these items might actually be available past the pop-up dates but you never know. Also, there are a lot of the bakery’s signature items available such as the galaxy truffles which look and taste great but definitely anticipate an explosion of flavour depending on which ones you choose eg. the sun! FYI, see the images for the pricing and also visit their website for more information!


Similar to the fan screening event, Warner Bros did give us some freebies today too. This included a special Secrets of Dumbledore T-Shirt that has the logo printed on the front on the chest while having a beautiful Dumbledore family crest at the back. They were limited in sizes and not sure if it would be available throughout the duration of the popup, also the shirt does fit a bit snug. Another freebie they gave us at the end of the duration is the ever so popular treat found on the Hogwarts express trolly, the chocolate frog!

Printed Puzzles

Overall and Recommendations

All in all, the popup experience was fun and I wish it was longer (at least to the end of the week instead of just 2 days) so more people can enjoy it, especially fans of Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter! Another recommendation would be to include more pastries instead of sweets similar to what Jacob offers at his bakery. However, the options are still great and fun to see so many fans get to enjoy this experience while also showing some love to a niche Toronto bakery! I wanted to write this blog post soon so more people can check it out before it is too late and if you are curious about the movie make sure to check out my spoiler free review here and make sure to follow on social media (FacebookInstagram, and TikTok ) especially for more Harry Potter content!

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