5 Amazon Travel Essentials You Need Before Your Next Trip!

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Hey Everyone! With certain restrictions being lifted and the weather getting better (somewhat), most of you will soon be catching the travel bug… but it’s essential as you book your trip you also grab these 5 things for your next vacation! These are items that I, myself have used or used a similar product. I have added the links via images so you can click on it to be redirected to it. Also feel free to search on the website for other helpful recommendations and follow on InstagramTikTok, and Facebook.

Please note this blog post uses affiliate banners and affiliate links that help promote products. Transactions done by clicking can support CHIP Lifestyle financially.

1. 5-Day North America SIM Card

I’m listing this first because trust me, it’s a horrendous feeling to be in another country with terrible service and coming home to be charged a ridiculously high amount from your phone company. I used this for my LA trip a few months ago and it worked perfectly, which is why I recommend getting this SIM card for trips that are usually within a week.

2. USA T-Mobile SIM Card for longer trips (9 to 58 days)

Similar to the one above but this is different because this is great if you are staying for more than just a week. Also, don’t be alarmed about the pricing because you get to choose between 9 to 58 days, and unless you have a great cellphone plan, this will most likely save you money! Browse through the options here.

3. K94 Face Masks

This is actually not just for travel, this is a daily essential regardless of what the mask mandate might be in your country. I love these masks and they are the best ones I’ve ever bought because the colour, material, and fit is great. When you are travelling to other countries some do require masks to be worn, so might as well go with an option that looks better than others and helps you stay protected while being comfortable. These masks are currently on sale as I write this blog post so grab it here while you can.

4. Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder With RFID Blocking Protection 

These are special secure wallets are highly recommended when travelling but frankly, I am contemplating replacing my daily wallet to this as it stores cards and cash. For $20 (50% off), it’s a pretty good deal to not miss out, so check it out here.

5. Drawstring Shoes Bag

Fortunately me, because of my sneaker collection some of my sneakers come with special dust bags/drawstrings bags which comes in clutch when packing and keeping your shoes & other items in your suitcase clean. However, I know most people might not have those options so I wanted to share this great deal as you can get 10 of these drawstring bags for only $18! Also, you don’t need to use these bags for just your sneakers, you can probably use them for other storage or for another purpose. You can get these bags here. Note: make sure to check the size of the bags before buying to ensure your sneakers will actually fit.

So there you have it, that’s my list. I highly recommend these items, especially if you have prime! Let me know your thoughts and if you have used these items before or interested in them! Feel free to follow and send a message on InstagramFacebook, and TikTok!

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