Halloween 2021: Marty McFly – The Fit Break Down & Review

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Hey Everyone, so for Halloween this year I wasn’t too sure if I was going to dress up but this was definitely something I was considering dressing up as due to the sneakers so I ended up finally dressing up as an iconic character played by a legendary Canadian actor. As you can see in the blog graphic (trust me this green screen set-up at home is not safe or easy) I’m on a hoverboard wearing a distinct looking pair of sneakers and jacket while holding a magazine and fax that all pays homage to Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, in Back to The Future 2! You can also watch the TikTok video (feel free to follow) below to get a quick visual breakdown. In this blog post, I will break down the fit/costume while also providing a brief review of the products and/or the company were I got it from so read below and enjoy!

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Okay, so as I mentioned this was main reason why I decided to dress up as Marty McFly this year for Halloween so it only makes sense to break this down first. This is not your ordinary sneakers, and frankly it is the closest thing I am going to get to the Nike Air Mags which Marty McFly wears in the movie (see below, both images sourced from YouTube) and Michael J Fox wore when these highly coveted sneakers were released in limited quantities. I remember entering the raffle which was $10 each ticket but it was still a win because all proceeds went to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation (to help find a cure for Parkinson’s)!

Of course Nike hit the jackpot by having their sneakers featured in the movie franchise, but especially with the Air Mag. Tiffany Beers and Tinker Hatfield did make the sneaker come to fruition but since then there have been several sneakers dressed in the same colourblocking as the Air Mag, however the sneakers I am wearing is the closest thing to the Air Mag. It is the Adapt BB 2.0, a self-lacing, app-controlled, light-up, battery powered, with zoom turbo pair of sneakers intended to showcase Nike’s new direction of launching innovative basketball sneakers. Of course, these sneakers are not easily obtainable due to the limited production and seriously high retail price. However, these sneakers were an absolute cop for me due to the fact of how similar it looked to the Air Mag and how innovative the technology is. Stay tuned for an unboxing video and detailed review but see below for some details. (FYI: The poster did not come with the sneakers, it was something I got for free at Fan Expo a few years ago)

Place of Purchase: I did get these from Nike directly, however other retailers like Footlocker and Sportchek did carry other colourways of the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 so stay tuned for new colourways or adapt bb versions to drop there as well.

Price: Usually $450 CAD, however these dropped randomly on Nike Canada for $400 and I was able to use my discount to bring it down to $360 CAD. Trust me, I know it’s still high in pricing but it does beat the resale price!


Okay now let’s get into some other key costume pieces you know for sure resonates with those who watched the movie, starting with the jacket with ridiculously long sleeves to disguise as his son. Frankly, I agree with Marty McFly, the jacket does not really fit but when he did make it fit it did look good on him. Since this was a bit of an impromptu costume, I came across this site that has a great site and seems to have warehouses in the USA and Canada. Something cool to note is that it did come with 2 items to use as props, the Gray Sports Almanac Magazine and a fax Marty from the Future gets from his employer. Without any spoilers, one is huge to for the second movie.

Place of Purchase: The site is called Halloween Costumes and they shipped and delivered it within 2-3 days! To be honest, the quality on this jacket is not the greatest, and doesn’t look like I can wear it more than once unless I dress up as Marty McFly again in the future. However, compared to other jackets wear the leather and fit looked a bit better, this was cheaper and shipping was much more convenient.

Price: The price is $86.99 CAD plus 10% off (sign up for their emails or text to get the discount) and unfortunately, it looks like the item has sold out but I would monitor their site, their amazon marketplace, and maybe other retailers if you really want the jacket.


Another key item that makes the costume is the hoverboard! I was looking at different options but wanted something big enough I can hold and pose with the recreate a still from the movie (which you see above) and this was the best option.

Place of Purchase: This was also available at Halloween Costumes! The hoverboard is to scale, even has a strap to put your feet in but I was a bit scared to break it and didn’t have a strong enough stool to balance. Nonetheless, it’s a cool collectible to have and I will be displaying it in my little gallery at the back which you would see in my videos. It’s important to note this will be a great gift as it comes in a nice packaging as well.

Price: The price is $74.99 CAD plus 10% off (sign up for their emails or text to get the discount) and this item is still available as I write the blog post!

Nudie Jeans Co


Last thing to note are the jeans! I wanted something that looked a bit vintage and looks similar to the ones he is wearing. Fortunately, I did have a pair of 514 Levi’s that fit the description that provides me a vintage look and feel, especially with the wash on these.

Place of Purchase: Costco, in-store.

Price: $30 CAD I believe but if you want something more premium and long last I suggest you visit SSENSE’s Levi’s selection or Nudie Jeans!

In conclusion, that’s my costume for Halloween 2021. What do you think of this costume for Marty McFly? Any of these pieces surprised you or you’re interested in? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or by giving a follow to message or comment on InstagramFacebook, & TikTok!

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