The Fit Break Down: Worn Out But Spooky

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Hey Everyone! It’s almost Halloween and although I am far from a fan of horror movies it is fun to get into some of the vibes that comes with the “Spooky Season”, therefore this outfit is super simple and budget friendly yet still perfect for Halloween aka Spooky Season. Fun fact, some of these pieces are actually several years old hence ties into the worn-out look and feel. See below for pictures, info, and where you can get similar pieces if not the same! Please note that this blog post uses affiliate links and banners.


The reason why I even took these pics is to post an outfit with these sneakers which I still believe are absolutely perfect for Halloween. This sneaker features Halloween elements on the classic Reebok silhouette, the Question Mid aka arguably Allen Iverson’s most iconic signature sneaker. I won’t get into all the details here as I did do video (above) and blog post which you can check here for all the details. But as you can see with this “Ankle Reaper” colourway there is a tearaway upper with a spooky lining underneath, plus on the heels special tombstones for opponent’s ankles, and some friendly ghosts on the sockliner.

Price: $180 CAD

Place of Purchase: I got this at a boutique, however I noticed months later these were still sitting and eventually went on sale on Footlocker! Unfortunately, they are no longer available, however Footlocker does have a great selection of Question Mids on sale which you can check here!


I also realized that I am wearing the same t-shirt in the video in this fit. It’s from a couple of years ago and is definitely one of my favourite Halloween movie franchises, Ghostbusters! I think it’s more of a comedy with talented actors but overall love that this tee had a vintage look

Price: $10-15 CAD

Place of Purchase: I got this at pretty affordable store that has some good graphic tees whenever I browse, called Bluenotes. However, it’s not always certain or as unique (probably due to licensing restrictions) therefore, if you’re looking for something of Ghostbusters that is a bit more unique I would recommend checking out Redbubble (especially when a sale is happening) or Etsy!


Speaking of other favourite halloween movies, it has to be Nightmare Before Christmas. Something about watching that movie as a kid (along with other Tim Burton’s movies such as his Batman films) was enjoyable and resonated with me. I am happy to see so many Nightmare Before Christmas merch show up in stores all of a sudden but I actually grabbed these socks years ago for a great price & I love them!

Price: $5 CAD

Place of Purchase: Sears (in-store). Yup, that’s what I meant by years ago and clearly you won’t be able to get that from here however, similar to the t-shirt one of the best places to go to for fun and unique socks has to be Redbubble & Etsy!



Of course the sneakers are torn up to give that worn look, but what will go great with that? Some torn up jeans! These distressed denim has a good fit and the distressing just gets better in time especially with having more of a vintage look is trendy right now. I also wore this for these jeans for the Toronto Fan Screening of Fantastic Beasts 2!

Price: $50 CAD

Place of Purchase: At Eaze (in-store). For denim you would want something of good quality so places like SSENSE might be best however, if it’s distressed maybe not spending so much money is the smarter move. That’s why I would recommend for anyone looking for more affordable distressed/ripped denim to check out sites like Zaful & SHEIN!

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To top everything off (literally in this sense) here’s a jacket I found when cleaning that is nearly 10 years old! This grungy green/olive look on jacket was definitely popular at one point but what I liked about is that it was pretty durable and clearly since it still keeps me warm after all these years.

Price: $15 CAD

Place of Purchase: Stitches (in-store). I’ll admit I don’t really shop there anymore but hey when you are a student this place came in clutch especially to get jackets like these. Now, if you’re not comfortable with thrifting but still want something affordable then I recommend checking out sites like Zaful & SHEIN for a good selection of affordable yet versatile jackets.

So there you have it, a pretty simple outfit yet still good for all of October & if you’re not in the mood to wear a costume! What do you think? Any of these pieces surprised you or you’re interested in? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or by messaging on InstagramFacebook, & TikTok!

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