5 Affordable (but unique) Sneaker Storage Options

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When it comes to being a sneaker collector you often face the difficulty of how to properly store or even display your sneakers. Frankly, the easiest option is to just leave it in the boxes but you might see that there are certain disadvantages to that. It wasn’t until I came across an article written by the legendary sneakerhead and writer Russ Bengston where he mentions that shoeboxes aren’t meant to actually keep the sneakers intact, it’s just a more optimal business decision from the brand’s perspective. That’s why you often see sneaker consignment stores wrapping the sneakers while on display or you often see someone like Desus of Desus & Mero use his container store drop top sneakers to store and display his collection.

The container store option is great and fits a lot of sneakers but it does add up, especially if you’re in Canada. That’s why this blog post highlights 5 different more affordable ways to store and display your sneakers. For each item, I do mentions pros and cons, so after reviewing them, click on the image as there are affiliate links embedded to help make you purchase these easier! Note: This doesn’t have to be just for sneakers, you can store a lot of different things in these!

1. SONGMICS 9-Cube Storage Organizer with Doors

Pros: This pretty much what you see in the background of my videos (I say pretty much because it was from a different manufacturer but it looks identical) and what I love about this is that each cube is spacious and it has a door that offers a bit of mystery but also protection against other things. Personally I prefer the door more than the open version but it’s up to you. The cool thing about this is that it is also allows you to connect with more than just one set of 9 and you can have some fun with how you organize it. The cubes are spacious, and my sneaker size is for the most part US men 11, but the collection features sizes from 10-13 and they fit fine in these. I tend to fit 2-3 sneakers in each box and also use it as a lightbox.

Cons: The set up does take up space so after a certain amount of boxes you are limited on how many more boxes you can add so it really depends on the space you’re working with.

To purchase click on the image above or click here: https://amzn.to/3zXdQIO

2. SONGMICS Shoe Rack,15-Cube Plastic Shoe Storage

Pros: This is almost the same as the one above but it is cheaper and ideal for those who would want their sneakers or items to be more visible. The other pro is that you can have a more artistic and modern display with this set up of 15 cubes and I recommend this for anyone who has designer toys or collectibles like I do. Right now, if you’ve seen my collectible videos or videos in general, you would see that I have it displayed in a line but this would be a cool way to display the different collectibles I have.

Cons: This is nice if you are just having it for display for yourself or guests but for videos it might be tricky to have it in the background and the boxes are a bit smaller so it might be tight to fit the same amount of sneakers.

To purchase click on the image above or click here: https://amzn.to/3ylUn4i

3. SONGMICS 10-Tier Shoe Rack

Pros: This is what I use to store my sneakers from brands that I don’t have too much of, and they are perfect for low cut sneakers. I like it because it does offer the same enjoyment and protection the door provides in the first item on this list but it is more narrow so you can save on space. Plus there is a $6 off coupon for this item.

Cons: As I mentioned it is ideal for low cut sneakers but I do store certain high tops in here but it gets a little tricky and depending on the outsole it can interfere with the doors. That’s why if you don’t care about organizing your sneakers by brand or collaborator and would just like to store it based on fit then this will be great for you.

To purchase click on the image above or click here: https://www.amazon.ca/SONGMICS-10-Tier-Plastic-Organizer-Anti-Tipping/dp/B078H8V3MH?crid=2GRZB4R7WX3XC&dchild=1&keywords=songmics%2B10%2Btier%2Bshoe&qid=1627930539&sprefix=songmics%2B10%2B%2Ckitchen%2C170&sr=8-8&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=chiplifesty09-20&linkId=107d0385b41bd6e7bb030a25fbaad323&language=en_CA&ref_=as_li_ss_tl

4. SONGMICS 10-Tier Shoe Tower Rack with Cover 27-Pair Space Saving Shoe Storage Organizer

Pros: This was my first actual shoe rack when my collection was steadily growing. This is great because it is the cheapest option out of this list and does store a lot of sneakers and even has a nice cover and pockets (great to store slides/sandals). It is really easy to assemble (like the others) but you can store a lot of sneakers in here so perfect for the whole family if your collection is minimal. The cover is great for outdoor events or if you want to close it up when there’s work being done and you don’t want any dust or anything to get in.

Cons: Depending on how you store it you won’t get to see all the sneakers so you need to organize it strategically, and it is best for those with not a lot of sneakers in their collection or just want to store their rotation while sharing with others. This is a great organizer for those building their collection.

To purchase click on the image above or click here: https://amzn.to/3C9rbj9

5. HOMCOM Flip Down Shoe Storage Multi Cabinet Wooden Shoe Shelf Rack Entryway 4 Drawer Organizer

Pros: This is definitely more of an elegant choice when it comes to storing your sneakers and ideal if you would like to keep the shoes a secret but the wooden cabinet definitely has an aesthetic appeal to it, plus there’s currently a $10 off coupon.

Cons: You are limited with how many sneakers you can put and depending on the type of sneaker, it might not always fit. Also, based on the reviews it doesn’t seem like the highest quality item but mind you for the price it makes sense so I would recommend these for those who definitely want something more elegant but also okay to have it more for a storage they won’t access that often (eg. special event shoes or sneakers).

To purchase click on the image above or click here: https://amzn.to/3A4stKA

All in all, these are my recommendations and I think these are solid ideas that are still more affordable than the drop front storage boxes and a bit more unique. Let me know your thoughts below and if you do plan on purchasing any of these, remember to purchase using the link or the image. If you need any help with ordering from Amazon don’t hesitate to reach out, especially on social media by following on Facebook & Instagram!

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