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Space Jam: A New Legacy is finally here! You know what that means? Awesome merchandise and collectibles to celebrate and rock your fandom. Whether you grew up watching the original (like me) or excited to see how LeBron and updated graphics take on this basketball movie fan favourite (also me) this list of places and what they offer (images show a preview) is definitely for you! Make sure you click the hyperlinks or images to be redirected to the page via the affiliate links. Trust me, there’s a lot of cool stuff on this list!


If you’ve been following the blog or the YouTube channel, you would know how much I love FOCO’s work and why I am really excited to share that they do have a special collaboration with Space Jam! PLEASE NOTE that the Lebron collectible is pending final license approval and these are all pre-orders! However, it is still awesome to have and they are numbered and will sell out so don’t miss out and browse the entire collection click here.

2. Fossil

Fossil is known for their watches but did you know they also had bags and wallets? Better yet, did you know that they have an awesome Space Jam collection! Some pieces have sold out already but there’s a lot of nice watches, bags, and wallets that are limited edition! Browse through the limited collection here to see what you like!

3. Nike

With LeBron being a lifetime Nike athlete it was expected that Nike release exclusive sneakers and clothing for the whole family! Here you will find exclusive jackets, jerseys, t-shirts, and of course Lebron 18s in a special mismatch face off between popular Looney Tunes characters! Some of these have sold out and I believe you are able to use discounts on these products, so don’t miss out and shop here!

4. Foot Locker

Similar to Nike, Lebron has a good relationship with Footlocker’s House of Hoops so Footlocker also has some great selection of products that are not even on Nike for the whole family! From the Air Force 1s to the tie-dye t-shirts, a lot of fire to choose from, but see for yourself on what you want to grab for yourself, your family, or someone else here!

5. NBA Store

Last but not least, when one of NBA’s greatest players along with other NBA & WNBA players featured in this film you know they had to do their part in promoting the film! Of course, not that much selection compared to the other sites but there are exclusive t-shirts and slides you won’t find anywhere else so get yours here!

These are my recommend sites, and although I haven’t seen the movie yet I am excited to watch it. Let me know in the comments below or on the social media posts what your thoughts are! Don’t forget to follow on Facebook & Instagram as well! Let me know if you do end up getting something from any of these sites, and watch you think of them!

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