Hey everyone, as I mention in the videos I want to continue to share dope finds and deals that are available to you but I am also happy to help provide personalized suggestions and recommendations (just follow and message). Nonetheless, I wanted to do a special shelf sitting on a classic brand that has definitely stepped it up in the last few years, Puma! These Puma picks are on this list either because it is a shock they are still available or because of the great price you can get it for! Remember, affiliate links will be provided so make sure you click on them to make your purchase and if you want to support and see anything from any others sites I highlight and work with but you need more info or help, please let me know! Don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Instagram as I often just leave it in the stories, but let’s get into this list!

1. J. Cole’s RS Dreamer

This is actually a signature sneaker from rapper (and I guess retired professional basketball player?) J. Cole called the RS Dreamer. This is an awesome sneaker that was always selling out instantly when new colourways dropped last year. Although he is known for his music, J. Cole can ball and had hoop dreams so it was surprising that when he actually did play professional basketball overseas, this sneaker is sitting. The contrast of vibrant colours accented on top of the predominately white and grey sneaker is perfect for the summer and has gotten solid reviews. Please be mindful of sizing maybe go .5 to 1 size up. If you are interested in purchasing click here (eligible for discount with promo codes).

2. The Marathon Continues (Nipsey Hussle) x Suede Classic

Speaking of another influential rapper, the late Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon Continues (TMC) brand is releasing another collaboration with Puma. This usually involves a simple but clean take on classic sneakers with TMC branding and I believe does have a charitable component to it as well. Usually these sneakers and clothing sells outs but surprisingly, you can actually grab yourself a pair now right here.

3. Nickelodeon’s Rugrats x Court Rider

This is a new basketball sneaker from Puma that has been really doing well and looks great as well. It helps that they have stars like Deandre Ayton & LaMelo Ball perform well in these but what also helps is awesome collaborations that will make you feel nostalgic. One of my favourite Nickelodeon cartoons I grew up watching was Rugrats so to see this collaboration with some vibrant colours it definitely makes me reminisce and a bit tempted to purchase. If you want to get this for nostalgic purposes or just because of how good the sneaker looks, you can get it here.

4. Maison Kitsune x Ralph Sampson 70 – Puma White

Speaking of collaborations, this is one that you can get on sale but instead of a kids show Puma is collaborating with a high end designer brand, Maison Kitsune. What might seem pretty standard and/or basic to non-sneaker heads this clean sneaker is pretty comfortable and perfect for the summer. What makes this sneaker really unique is that there is subtle co-branding from Maison Kitsune branded inside the sneaker and their signature fox logo on top of the puma logo on the tongue. Once again, this is a super clean and distinct sneaker which you can grab for yourself here.

5. KidSuper RS-2K Slip-onĀ 

Last but not least, I included this because not sure if it’s really a sneaker but nonetheless it is definitely an interesting shoe from Puma that looks very comfortable. Like the other sneakers on the list, this is also a collaboration with the label KipSuper Studios. So far any of these sneakers and clothing they have collaborated on with Puma are going to turn heads and this slip on is no exception. It is a camo pattern featuring different human faces which honestly, I haven’t seen before. For under $80 CAD this is a steal but won’t last long so grab it here.

All in all, these are my favourite picks of Puma sneakers that are still available right now! Don’t sleep as some of these will sell out in your size or just completely! Let me know what you think about these selections, if you knew about these, if you do end up getting them and more. Once again stay tuned for more posts like these and please show your support by following on Facebook and Instagram!

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