Shelf Sitting: Nike Air Max Edition

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Bummed out you missed out on not having anything to wear for Air Max Day? Well it’s still Air Max month and here are some of my favourite Air Maxes that are still available that will fit great to your daily rotation and you can easily flex for Air Max Day 2022 available directly at Nike! See below and click the special links or images to be directed to the product and let me know what you think! Note: There is a 1.5 size difference between men and women eg. If it is a men’s shoe and you are a women who wears size 11, you should get a 9.5, likewise if it is a women shoe and you wear size 11 in men’s you should get a 12.5.

Air Max 95

One of my favourite Air Max models I own. This is a classic silhouette, the Air Max 95 is a staple sneaker silhouette and can go with anything. Did you know that the model was inspired by the human spine? Nonetheless, there’s a lot of cool colour ways including the Kim Jones x Air Max 95, special colourway for women and men, and if you don’t like that you can always customize it yourself! To explore the full collection available you can view here. If you want a detailed review of the Air Max 95, visit my post here.

Air Max 3/90

This is another model I own (review hopefully in the near future) and once again another classic silhouette that has done wonders for Nike, the Air Max 3 or most popularly known as the Air Max 90. Once again, there are some awesome colourways including this amazing bred colourway as part of this year’s Kiss My Airs Pack , but of course there are great colourways for men, women, and also available to customize!

Air Max 97

Another popular classic silhouette that features a visible full length air unit, the Air Max 97 is one of the most successful air max models, so much so that you need to check regularly for item restocks including the customizable versions! There are some awesome colourways for men including the evolution of icons colourway and other select colourways. Fun fact the design inspiration is often marketed to be inspired by Japan’s bullet trains but actually is from the ripples in the a water pond.

Air Max Plus

This is a silhouette that has gotten more love as of late and rightfully so. You might have seen the upper in the air max plus on other sneakers eg. vapormax. It became a favourite among sneakerheads to now the public. It was introduced in 1998 with tuned Air cushioning that incorporated specialized “pillars” to offer extra support and stability for runners. Whether it is the Air Max Plus 1, 2, or 3 – they all look great and can be available in men’s and women’s coloursways! For all available options click here.

Air VaporMax EVO

This last one is currently being both loved and hated by sneakerheads all over the globe. This monstrous sneaker mashes up classic air max models from the past as it incorporates certain elements onto the sneaker to represent the evolution of air max history. What a lot of people like more than the actual sneaker is the booklet and box it should come with. This is available in a few colourways available in both men’s and women’s.

All in all these are some of my favourites, and I wanted to provide more variety to choose from instead of specific coloruways. If you need help with sizing and recommendations for yourself don’t hesitate to reach out and give a follow on Instagram and Facebook!

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