Top 5 Cookies/Biscuits from Amazon + Reviews

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Whether it is to satisfy a craving or just because you’ve been on a hunt to find a specific type of biscuit you haven’t had in a while, this list is perfect for you. In this post I break down my top 5 choice of cookies/biscuits to get from Amazon. In the video above, I try and react to a couple of the cookies in the list below. Check out the video above (don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe) and then click on the images below to shop. Keep in mind, the best way to enjoy these is through prime, if you haven’t gotten prime you can get it here.

5. Pepperidge Farm Monaco Double Chocolate Cookies

So this is a decent pack of cookies, that are not too common but still able to find at local supermarkets. What I like about this is that the biscuits texture is great and the chocolate is just enough to get a filling bite. This is on the bottom of the list because sure you can grab these from Amazon (and on sale) but you may be able to get it at local supermarkets. Nonetheless, check the rest of the list for more rare finds and better deals!

4. Tim Tam

So speaking of hard to find, this is definitely one of them. Whenever my cousins from Australia come and bring these I am devouring them instantly. Something about the chocolate and the different flavours. I wanted to include this specific item on the list because for $30 you have 4 different flavours to experience (and yes I have had all these in the past) so don’t miss out and grab it by clicking the image above!

3. Daelman’s Caramel Wafer, Stroopwafel

This was one that I initially expected to be higher on the list but as you can see in the video this fell down a bit. After a couple of days after the video I did enjoy it more, and this is best when it is warm. The caramel and the waffle serve as a great duo, it is a bit pricey but definitely was a game changer when I first had it on a flight a few years ago. I have never seen these stores before so Amazon might be your best bet, so definitely click the image above to shop!

2. Girl Scout Thin Mints Cookies

Speaking of things that I never seen in stores, here are girl scout cookies. I have only seen this once last year at Food Basics, which is why I was surprised they sold it on Amazon. I really like the mint to chocolate ratio, it is balanced. Only thing I am not a fan of is the price, but it is definitely better than other prices for Girl Scout Cookies and since it is on Amazon, it is much easy to get so grab it before the price increases or it sells out!

1. Lotus Biscoff XL Pack – 20 Packs X 2 Biscuits

This was easily my top choice because it is extremely underrated and for some reason has an elevated taste compared to your regular biscuits. Lotus Biscoff is what I had on a couple of flights and is something I always look forward to. After not travelling for so long I started to miss it and my sister had a craving for it so we ended up getting it and now I can’t think about not having it in my house. Bonus: If you see the video you will find how to get it cheaper, but it is not guaranteed like Amazon.

Let me know what you think about these picks and what your top recommendations are. Have you ever bought biscuits or groceries from Amazon. Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and give a follow on both Instagram and Facebook. Your support goes a long way!

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