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So as you will hear in the video above, this is part of a bigger shopping haul part of my overboard Black Friday/Cyber Monday/End of the Year Sale! However, I felt it was better to do a more detailed review about these specific items since I am able to provide a review on this company and the special collaboration they have with Marvel (mainly Spiderman)! Therefore, before you continue to read this post make sure you check out the video above and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!


I think it is safe to say that I don’t need to provide any background about Marvel and one of their most iconic superheroes, Spiderman, but it is important to talk a bit about Zaful. Zaful is known for their fast fashion but in all honesty the quality is not that bad and the prices aren’t super cheap but they are affordable. They are based out of Hong Kong but they have offices all over the world, and they do ship to pretty much all over the world. Therefore, when I found out they were doing a licensed collaboration with Marvel based on Spiderman it was definitely something that intrigued me. There were a lot of cool and interesting pieces, and some stuff even sold out so I decided to grab a couple of items I have been eying that can be easily incorporated to different outfits and daily use.

Marvel Spider-Man


So Zaful has a lot of sales all year round and special promotion to members so it is definitely worth it to be on their email list if you are interested in grabbing yourself some items. For these specific items there are some that are currently marked down, while others are eligible for discount (eg. 3 for 20% off). Fortunately, during Cyber Monday almost all items were eligible for 30% off! Therefore, definitely stay tuned for more sales in the future!

ZAFUL V-Day Special Offer: $49-15%, $89-18%, $129-22% with code "VD2021" (Feb 1st-Feb 22nd)

Product Reviews

All Over Spiderman Tank

I got this because I think it is something solid to wear in the summer or just at home, but I really do like this all over print sublimation type print. It’s something good for on its own in the summer or layering for late or evening summer weather. It does fit true to size but more slim. You can get this item here.

Retail price: $16 CAD Sale Price: $12 CAD

90s Style Spiderman T-Shirt “Find Your Power”

This tee really stood out to me as another option that is solid as a stand alone item or something good layering. The material feels really similar to the tank top but in terms of design, I really like the 90’s vibe it has since it reminds me of Guess and Karl Kani tees from back in the day. I really like contrast between the forest green and white, but my favourite part is on the chest a small emblem with the Spiderman logo that says “find your power”. You can purchase here.

Retail price: $19 CAD Sale Price: $14 CAD

Spiderman Streetwear Pants

There were a couple of pants and jeans I have been eying but this one really caught my eye and it was part of the 3 for 20% off deal so I had to grab it! It reminds me of the high fashion Japanese streetwear pants with the colour and cargo style. There are different Spiderman branding that are just noticeable. I really liked the graffiti type font that says Spiderman on the string, and in the video I mentioned that I wasn’t too sure on what to do with the string but I figured out after recording the video that it is actually placed through that “Thwip” part. Grab yourself a pair here.

Retail price: $46 CAD Sale Price: $28 CAD

Spiderman Sherpa Hoodie

So this hoodie was a must cop for me as winters in Canada can be really cold. Sherpa clothing is always of interest to me but I never owned any so when I saw this specific hoodie I know it was something I needed to get. It is something I have been wearing a lot recently as the weather gets more negative, and it feels great. When you touch it, you don’t want to let go. In terms of the Spiderman font and Marvel branding they are embroidered. My only complaint that the inside material seems to come off onto your under shirts, similar to lint, and that has happened with other sweaters before. Other that that, it still is a solid hoodie and this was also part of the 3 for 20% off deal. Feel the warmth by scooping this hoodie here.

Retail price: $48 CAD Sale Price: $29 CAD

Marvel Paisley Hoodie

This was one hoodie I could not let get sold out. I love the paisley, the Avengers, and something that is not too loud but still stands out. This is what this hoodie encompasses. The Marvel is text is screen printed on and the paisley material is quite thick which is why I do say that it might feel a little warm at times. It’s nothing too big but the only complaint with this one is that the neck area feels a little tight. This was the final item I got as part of the 3 for 20% off sale. PS. how many avengers icons/logos can you spot? Grab this hoodie here.

Retail price: $55 CAD Sale Price: $34 CAD


All in all, I felt great about these pickups. The shipping was pretty good, it took around 2 weeks to come in and I did pay around $4 CAD for a shipping insurance that I think helped get my order delivered in a timely manner, so I highly recommend you do the same! The order update wasn’t very frequent but it did update and customer support was helpful. The other thing is that coupons are stackable so definitely be mindful of expiry dates and try to save up as much as you can!

This was the free gift they gave me with the order. I will probably add it to a Christmas sneaker in the future.

Click these banners or links to shop and let me know what you think about these pickups, ZAFUL, and collaboration overall! Make sure you follow the blog via email or on Instagram and Facebook for more content and sales!

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