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I have been looking forward to checking out this pop up and have been looking forward to sharing with all of you an inside look into Ferrero’s latest pop up, the Golden Gallery Signature Experience. More than just an interesting pop up experience featuring classic movie props, this is experience also provides an opportunity to purchase an exclusive box of chocolates. Find out more by reading below and watching the short recap video below!


This pop up experience is located at 356 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3X2. If you are driving there, there is underground parking located in the Festival Tower, at 360 King St West.

Tickets and Availability

This pop up experience is free to experience but you should be reserving online. I reserved my tickets almost a month in advance because it is limited and walk-ins are not guaranteed. Unfortunately, at this time it looks like they have decided to close due to the recent rise in COVID cases within Ontario. Nonetheless, I would recommend visiting their website because this is just a temporary close and if it does get better they are more likely to reopen as they were scheduled to stay until November 15.

Duration and Experience

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The duration and experience was neat but you would probably need 15-20 minutes max. As you enter there is someone there to help answer your questions, guide you, and point you to different sanitization stations. There are 4 different “sets” created that you can strike your poses and get some great shots for your enjoyment. What’s interesting about this is that each set was named after a chocolate that is included in Ferrero’s new holiday box of chocolates, the Golden Gallery Signature. The chocolate named sets consists of different props and posters to a movie that relates to the chocolate. You would have seen each in the video above, but see below for the pictures and more details on the movie featured.

1. Chocolate: Caramel Leonardo Movie: The Merchant of Venice

2. Chocolate: Giandujot Ferrero Movie: Roman Holiday

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3. Chocolate: Dark Opera Movie: Phantom of the Opera

4. Chocolate: Coffee Maestria Movie: Inception


After you are done taking your pictures and viewing this connection of cinema and chocolate, the final part will be proceeding to this beautiful set up that features gorgeous looking chocolates and you will be given a small box of samples to enjoy.

In addition to that, you can purchase the new Golden Signature box that is exclusive to this pop up and Costco (in a few weeks). The box was only $20, and the staff were really nice they gave us an extra set of samples just because they wanted to. The chocolate tastes delicious and my favourite so far is the giandujot ferrero!

Overall and Recommendations

All in all, I enjoyed this popup experience and it was cool to see this connection between cinema and chocolate. They do promote it as the chocolate of TIFF but with everything going on, I loved how they were able to still manage to deliver a unique experience. I don’t have any recommendations because based on with everything going on and the limitations, I do feel that they did a great job in hiring great staff and executing this pop up.

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I hope they will open up again, and if they do let me know what you think! Make sure you follow the blog and the channel in the meantime to be notified of other great content!

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