Top 10 Sites for Back to School Shopping!

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With back to school shopping well underway, I wanted to curate a list of 10 great sites you should visit and maybe purchase from to satisfy our back to school shopping needs! This list is not just for students, but also for teachers, parents, and anyone else looking for great back to school options! 

1. Acer

Great Deals. Great Devices. Every Day. Shop the Acer Store Now! 

Wherever you are studying or teaching, there has been a large shift to virtual learning which is why you need a good laptop! If you are worried about costs, fortunately for you Acer is known for their great deals and numerous options they have for their laptops and tablets. Check it out by clicking the image top.



I know whenever starting a new year in postsecondary, I always want to wear something that feels and look greats. SSENSE is an ideal option for that because there is a good variety of quality apparel and footwear. I even recently purchased one of the items I mentioned in a recent shelf sitting. Mainly known for their great selection of high end brands, they also release affordable clothing that is still sleek and fashionable enough, especially if you are a student and are budgeting for one good outfit for the entire year. Shop now by clicking the images! 

3. Herschel Supply


I can’t talk about back to school shopping without mentioning probably the most popular backpack brand in the world. Herschel supply has a signature look with a lot of respect and appreciation towards the durability and quality it provides. They just launched a new backpack (check it out by clicking the image) that would be ideal as you embark in this upcoming school year! 

4. Ali Express


I included this one with mainly parents in mind. AliExpress has a lot of different items at a very low price and I remember last year a mom told me how she buys certain things in bulk for her kids and that’s why she loves shopping here. Take a look by clicking that image. 

5. Suzy Shier

Suzy Shier [EN]  - 15SHOPSZY - 300x250 

This one is for the moms who want to treat themselves while doing back to school shopping as well as the young women (especially in post secondary). Suzy is a great choice for women looking for something in between professional and casual. It’s not really expensive, but if you were looking for a saving, use the coupon code stated above and browse around by clicking on that image.  


Class Act at No Code Required. Offer Expires 08/23/2020 

If you are looking for something fast fashion, and on a budget then SHIEN has some great options for you. Pretty much for everyone, SHIEN offers nicely designed clothing and accessories for a pretty low price. When you click on the image you will be redirected to the website and be advised of any flash sales. 

7. Try the World

Take a food journey around the world

If you are living on your own or looking to explore your food options then you should try Try The World. Don’t be bummed about not being able to travel as planned as Try The World brings a selection of gourmet food (including cooking ingredients), drinks, and snacks, straight to your door! 

8. Puzzle Master

Group Special Puzzles

Puzzle master has one of the coolest toys and puzzles that would be ideal for children who need to pass some time during school nights, or for teachers looking to bring something fun for students to play with during recess. Click the image to see the many more benefits that comes with purchasing from Puzzle Master. 

9. Happy Socks

Happy Socks Outlet Items

Bold and interesting sock choices will definitely help give others a lasting impression of you. That’s why Happy Socks, one of the biggest sock brands in the world, is arguably your best bet for socks needs as they have really great designs and collaborations. When you click the image, you will be redirected to their sale section! 

10. Aloha

Logo 468x120

Lastly, with back to school what’s important in addition to mental health is physical health. That’s why whether you are working out or trying to eat a bit health Aloha has drinks, bars, and protein powders that can help with you that. Oh and to top that off, they are all plant based! Click the banner to see for yourself! 

P.s. if you are in Toronto and you are looking for more vegetarian/vegan options definitely check out the food section! 

That’s the list! Let me know what you think about it and if you make any purchases from here! Follow the blog via email to not miss out on future posts!

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