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Inspired by my recent sneaker post about finally getting a pair of sneakers for an amazing price, I decided to write this post highlighting a special edition of Shelf Sitting from the incredible SSENSE sale. The beauty of SSENSE is that they have such a great variety so when they do these sales, you will be saving massive whether it is an athletic brand for less than $100 or with a designer sneaker where you will save HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! The list features massive savings but also incredibly low prices I don’t see anywhere else. Make sure you click the links to go directly to the product page!

Adidas Superstar – Black/White

Adidas has been celebrating 50 years of this classic silhouette with great retros and variations, and you can finally grab a pair for only 56% off! Whether you’re a fan of sneaker history and RUN DMC’s iconic branding or a fan of a versatile sneaker with extra flare, act now on an incredible price.

Prada Crossection – Black/Green

The benefit of SSENSE is that they carry a lot of designer sneakers as well and they do have decent markdowns. I am not a big fan of Prada’s footwear in the past because of the lack of creativity in design and the price but I do like this one. This sneaker is clean, bold, and 54% off!

Nike Air Ghost Racer – Navy/White

For those who are interested in retro footwear that still gives a good sense of comfort and design, then you would love this version of the Nike Ghost Racer. Originally released in 1999, Nike has brought these back from the vaults and SSENSE has it for 62% off!

Adidas 3M Nite Jogger – Black

Usually, 3M is just an added feature that serves as a nice touch. For the Nite Jogger, a recent Adidas sneaker that has its fair share of success, you will see a significant amount of it including a bold logo print in the inner side of the upper.

Balmain B-Trail Sneakers – White/Silver

Another high-end luxury sneaker I personally don’t have in the collection but maybe one day might are these. Balmain is known for their lux feel and aesthetic but with this ideal summertime sneaker you can enjoy this beautifully crafted sneaker with the special iridescent heel for a solid 35% off!

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