THE FIT BREAK DOWN: Second City Training – March 10th, 2020

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I wasn’t planning on doing #TheFitBreakDown for this but decided, why not!? Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to get some training from the legendary Second City in Toronto and since it was pretty early in the morning and not knowing how much I would need to stress myself out of the comfort zone, I wanted something lowkey, comfortable, but still can tell a story. You will also discover how much this outfit cost and how you can still have a solid outfit without breaking the bank.


My main inspiration for the outfit and this fit was because I didn’t take many fit pics in New York with these sneakers, so I felt there was a good opportunity to take one here. Of course, it would be fitting in New York since the brand was established there and the details on the sneaker would work well. However, the “WNL” on the tongue and on the sock liner is an acronym for their slogan “We need leaders” which I feel for this event and my personality, fit perfectly with.

These sneakers are a collaboration between Air Jordan and American fashion brand “Public School New York”. In my opinion, their stuff is not too pricy but it is a mix of contemporary, modern, streetwear, and high-end fashion. The Air Jordan 15 is not a well-received sneaker among many, but as soon as I saw what they were able to do with it to make it so distinct, stylish, and uniquely their own… I knew I had to have this in my collection one day. You can check out the video below for more info about the collaboration and sneaker.

Although I wanted to get it when it released, I could not afford it as the retail price was around $330 CAD. I also knew it was a Quickstrike, so if I didn’t get it on release day, I probably wouldn’t get it. Fast-forward to a year later, I was able to get a deadstock pair for an absolute steal from the popular Canadian consignment store, Hotbox, for only $180 CAD!

Place of Purchase: Hotbox Toronto

Price: $180 CAD

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I wanted something comfortable but still can pass for semi-professional. Therefore I went with a polo shirt that had a cool design like the woven pattern on the Air Jordan 15 x PSNY. I really do like Perry Ellis clothing as I find it the designs and quality to be well executed.

Place of Purchase: Hudson’s Bay

Price: $25 CAD


Like I said earlier, I wasn’t too sure about what we were going to do so I wanted to wear something that I can move easily in. I decided to go with a pair of pants that I do love because it is so versatile and perfect for spring/summer weather! These pants were on sale and you can definitely dress it up and down. I highly recommend getting one if you want something that is both comfortable and modern. The olive pants complimented with the olive sneakers and contrasted them with the polo shirt.

Place of Purchase: Uniqlo

Price: $20 CAD

QUEEN X Happy Socks


Finally, socks. If my socks were to be seen I wanted something fun and out there so it really pops and also provides a distinct contrast. These were some cool socks I picked up while waiting to be cashed out at Winners and they definitely give me a little bit of a Paul Smith vibe.

Place of Purchase: Winners

Price: $5 CAD

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