Podcast In The Pod: Episode 36 – Thoughts on One Direction Members’ Solo Music & More!

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So this is another episode that we recorded a couple months ago but unfortunately, I got delayed in editing and uploading. Nonetheless, it was a fun episode as we listened to the solo music put out by the members of One Direction and shared our thoughts. This topic was inspired by a video done by FBE where they had college kids react to it. You can see the video below if interested.

A lot has happened since then as both Liam Payne and Harry Styles dropped an EP (pretty solid in my opinion), but it was still fun to see what we thought of their individual music and more.  Since all these guys have a different style of pop and since Sparks and I have different tastes in music, it was interesting to see what we liked, noticed and more. Take a listen below!

Which member’s solo music do you prefer the most? Did any of them shock you? Is there any other music you want us to react to? Let us know in the comments below!


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