Costume Quiz 2019 Reveal: The Fit Break Down

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This year I followed up on something I started last year, making my followers correctly guess who I will be dressing up as for Halloween.

It’s fun to drop hints and see what answers people come up with. There are people I don’t even talk to that are truly curious and determined to find a solution. It’s a fun way to keep people engaged and communicate with one another. My insights and analytics told me that there have been over 40 profile visits after I posted my final 3 hints. Prior the 31st, only one person correctly got the answer.

This year, I went as Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett from Hawaii 5-0! I will breakdown my hints below but first, check out how I put this costume together.

Prior to that, here’s a clip from the Season 10 blessing (they do this every year) where Alex O’Loughlin speaks about the series.

1. The Badge

The badge is the main piece to the costume, and yes this was already on my Instagram feed and featured when doing #TheFitBreakDown for Kalapaki Beach! I visited various film locations in the show when vacationing there.

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Place of Purchase: Hilton Waikiki Village

Price: $29 USD

2. The T-Shirt 


Sometimes Steve McGarrett wears a dress shirt or a dress shirt with a tee underneath. This gave me the excuse to wear my film crew shirt with the iconic catchphrase on the back.

Place of Purchase: One of the gift shops located inside the Waikiki Hotel/Village (near the rainbow tower)

Price: I believe it was $30 USD

3. Sneaker Boots 


I’ve noticed Steve wear chunky sneakers or boots, or sometimes a hybrid of the two. Therefore, I decided to wear my Jordan 9 Retro NRG “Concord” winter boots to be another significant piece of the costume. For the record, these are amazing for the winter!

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Place of Purchase: Footlocker Canada

Price: I believe it was $300 CAD

4. The Cargo Pants


Shirt, tee or whatever he may be wearing on top almost all episodes featuring Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’laughlin). Fortunately I was able to cop a pair of cargo pants that weren’t too off from his (see below)


Place of Purchase: Urban Planet

Price: BOGO 50% at $39.99 Each

5. The Shirt


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To get something similar to the blue shirt that I will wear again I went with this solid option at Walmart. Yes, the shirt was from there and it’s great. Make sure you browse around to find some great steals.

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