With Jesus is King finally out, I felt this was a good time to finally post this outfit and picture taken from a while back. To be honest, I had this ready if Yandhi was gonna come out. I’ve had all these pieces for sometime now, but every time I came to work I constantly walked by this sign that caught my attention. It was a nice friendly reminder, but also served to be a good backdrop. Therefore, I wanted to put together an outfit that features passionate people or things that help fuel my own passion.


The fit usually starts with the sneakers, and in my opinion, it is not possible to think about passionate people and not mention Kanye West. Although Kanye is very controversial and there are times I can not even support his actions or thoughts, he still serves as one of my biggest inspirations growing up. From his passion of music to fashion, from embracing other cultures to redefining the norm… his passion is what allows him to do that.

I’ll do a proper review about this the Yeezy 350 V2 – “Beluga 2.0” shortly, but

Price: $339 CAD (Total with tax)

Place of Purchase: Adidas.ca/yeezy (He has his own homepage due to all the demand. Sign up to be notified for the next drop)


Ronnie Fieg is one of my favourite designers of all time. I appreciate the thought he puts into his work that can be identified in the final product. However, what I admire most about Ronnie’s work is the passion he has for what he does. From the colour scheme to the technicality of functioning, Ronnie either revamps current pieces from brands or creates his own trend pushing apparel.

This particular collaboration was first teased by his good friend and former NFL Player Vic Cruz, when he was a guest on the Desus & Mero Show. There were a lot of pieces I wanted to purchase, but obviously with the price and the fact that Kith usually sells out instantly… you will be lucky to be able to checkout with one. However, my top 3 picks includes the hoodie, jacket and sweats. Therefore, I was able to get these sweats which I really like because of the embroidery, branding and different colours. However, the only thing I don’t like about these sweats are the pockets, as it is not secured.

Price: $160 USD (Not including duties)

Place of Purchase: Kith.com since this is a limited capsule collaboration with Champion, there usually won’t be any items left.

Polo Shirt

I absolutely loved the World Cup of Hockey 2016, so much so I volunteered at the hockey village and even went to a game to support Team Canada. All the players who participated were clearly passionate about the sport and had love for the game, or else they wouldn’t be so good or be in the tournament. It was awesome to see all the hockey talent competing in this tournament, and even though I mainly supported team Canada I also supported team North America. P.S. I thought the logo was really cool as well. In addition, all the Adidas apparel for the tournament are really good quality and good to wear all year round (obviously need some layering for winter).

Price: $40 CAD (Originally $80 CAD)

Place of Purchase: adidas.ca  (This was back in 2016 so it won’t be online, but I have some seen some pieces from the collection at SVP Sports)


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