5 Best Sites to Get You Ready for the Fall

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Wherever you may be, it’s this time of year where you would want to start layering. Yes, folks, we have approached the beautiful Fall/Autumn season aka “hoodie weather” and the best time to wear those light jackets you’ve been dying to pull out from your closet.

That is why this blog post is dedicated to introducing (or re-introducing) you to 5 awesome sites to get you an amazing selection for this season. Remember, make sure you click on the image or the highlighted link to activate the sale.

1) Menlo Club

New 50% Off Deal 728x90

The Menlo Club/House is targeted for men and has a unique online domain where they feature various house brands and collaborate with other known brands (eg. Chris Paul, Diet Starts Monday, & more) for exclusive drops while providing a monthly subscription option. 

They have seasonal packages to help you started or you can browse their site to buy pieces on their own.

In addition to the big one above, you can use these codes for more savings!

Codes: MenloSeasonalShades for $30 Off First Seasonal Package + Premium Sunglasses

TB45 for $45 First Month Package + Free Pair of Sunglasses

2) New Republic

New Republic Banner 728 x 90

One of the brands that Menlo works with is New Republic. New Republic is a brand that specializes in sleek, minimalistic, quality footwear for a decent price. They have a really nice selection of Chelsea boots, drivers and dress shoes (even casual sneakers) to complete your fall outfit.

Besides the coupon above, you Free Domestic (United States) Shipping on All Orders of $125+ (Auto-Applied)

3) Zaful

Halloween Sale

Another brand you may have heard of is Zaful. Their specialty lies between affordable and trendy clothing. Fortunately, they cater to both men and women plus they have such a wide range of inventory, you are bound to find a piece that fits into your personal style.


GIVEME5 for 15% OFF $30+, 18% OFF $40+ and ZFSHOP for EXTRA 15% OFF SITEWIDE
*You might be able to stack coupons, but make sure you click on the banners for flash sales*


Shop SHEIN for the latest in Fall and Winter Fashions

I’ve mentioned SHEIN before and I can tell you that in a short period of time, they have built a big name for themselves as a very popular e-commerce fashion retailer. Affordable clothing with versatile style and selection. Although this has more selection for females, they do have some nice products for males as well.
Codes for Weekly Deal
Canada: NEON39 UK: ANV Mexico: CELE12 Australia: ARYU11
Chile: CLS Thailand: ANTH Hong Kong: SHE85 Taiwan: TWSH85

5) Young & Reckless

Y&R Initial Ads (728x90)

The last brand I have featured on the list is a brand that lets its name speak for itself (for the most part). Founded by skater and producer, Drama, Young & Reckless offers affordable streetwear that can be paired to almost anything or just allows you to purchase a whole outfit without breaking the bank.
Please remember, that the online store (above) has much more selection than any other licensing that the brand does.
Code: TB25OFF for 25% Off Sitewide! 

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