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As you know on this blog I tend to write a lot about clothing and shopping, especially on The Fit Break Down. Therefore, it’s only right I partner up with popular online retailer, Zaful to let you know about their VIP DAY!

ZAFUL VIP Day: Free Shipping on orders over $29 + Extra 20% off $60

Click the link above to enjoy 20% off orders over $60! Also, there is free shipping on orders over $29 to the US & Canada only. The sale and membership advantage is only valid for 3 days (Aug 18 to Aug 20), so take advantage now!


If you have never heard of Zaful, that is fine because you are lucky to know about them now. Zaful is a popular online retailer offering daring, stylish but yet affordable clothing to both men and women. Based on the reviews I have read in terms of the company and the product sizing, I knew I wanted to partner up with them and even buy some stuff myself.

They have so many different options and sizes from accessories to dresses, hoodies to kimonos and so much more! It’s really something you need to check out for yourself but trust me you won’t regret it! So trust me it would be easy to get up to $29.

ZAFUL Labor Day Sale: Down to $4.99 + Free Gifts

If you end up buying anything, let me know in the comments below! I’ll do a review once I finalize what I want to order as a follow up. If you have experienced shopping with Zaful then let me know below as well!


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