The Fit Break Down -Fountains of St. Peter’s Square – King of The 7 Seas & King James

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Stay tuned for the vlog as I haven’t really organized all the video footage as of yet, but I wanted to post this on IG and share this super casual outfit for a casual day in Vatican City.  I had this outfit ready for a while and I am glad I came across the beautiful fountains at St. Peter’s Square.

There is no editing on this photo. Just a nice shot on an iPhone.


When packing for this trip I wanted to bring some really comfortable shirts I can wear maybe for more than one day or on a plane. Therefore, I decided to bring this tee which is super comfortable and was super affordable. I love the colour and the fabric like I said before, Wal-Mart has some awesome graphic t-shirts. It went well with the water theme and the style salute to King of the Seven Seas and King James.

Place of Purchase: Wal-Mart, check your local stores

Price: $8 CAD


Switching gears from super affordable and frugal such as Wal-Mart to designer and luxury with John Elliott, we have a special shoe that I really do like. The shoe is a special collaboration and the main piece of the capsule between Lebron James & designer, John Elliot. The sneaker is named the “Icon” and rightfully so, as it pays homage to a living icon/legend, Lebron James.

EDIT: here’s a detailed review, but note these are the first colourway (and best) which I got lucky with. You can get it for resale here. You can cop the black version at a lot of different places including SneakersnStuff here.

Place of Purchase: Xhibition

Price: $250 USD


As mentioned above I had this super casual fit ready, and it is a back and forth between Aquaman & Lebron James. So the next thing is these really comfortable low cut Aquaman socks. I have had these for several years now and I purchased these in a pack that featured four other DC Superheroes with their logos and significant costume colours.

Place of Purchase: Hot-Topic, In-Store

Price: $13 CAD (for the pack)


The last piece, a piece I wear for casual outings (like today) and at the gym because it is comfortable and functional. I saw this on my recent trip to Kauai where it was my first ever time going to Ross (I wish I recorded something to feature it in the vlog). These shorts were an absolute steal and it was in this first year he signed with the legendary Lakers franchise.

Place of Purchase: Ross

Price: $13 USD

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