Podcast In The Pod: Episode 31: NBA Free Agency Frenzy – Kawhi Leaves Us Heartbroken, What do we think happened and more! – Special Guest: Rashida

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It’s been a week and I can say I am doing better than the time we recorded this episode. In that time, the free agency frenzy continued with its madness and crazy transactions.

Therefore, we had special guest Rashida join us to share our reactions to the story, what we think happened and how crazy the NBA offseason has been. I also asked on Instagram to my followers for what they felt was the reasoning and we shared those responses as well.

Also, I just needed to clarify that I mixed up my Uncle Dennis stories. In the airport incident he allegedly told the kid “what’s the surprise in that?” and it was after they went to the finals he allegedly said he wasn’t going to stay.  

Just to clarify on another comment where Sparks and I referred back to our second episode where I said Andrew was right. He was right in terms of trapping Kawhi with ” 6ix Love”, but yes he was wrong because it didn’t work as he left.

Nonetheless, here are our thoughts and the latest episode below! Make sure you follow the blog via email to support and don’t miss out on future content! P.S the Kawhi background was from Art of The North


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