Podcast In The Pod: Episode 28 – Favourite Short Lived TV Series, What Happened? Why & More!

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This week’s topic was actually inspired by a hoodie Drake wore during the Eastern semi-conference finals. If you were not familiar with what we are referring to, see below.

Based on that, and the excitement from one of the cast members of the show. I first decided to poll my followers on Instagram asking if they remembered the show. 69% said yes, and the remainder 31% said no. Therefore, I went on to ask what their favourite short lived television series were.

As you can see by the featured image and artwork for this episode, you may or may not recall some of these shows. These were some of the responses that B and I got. It was also awesome to see the reaction from followers and the actors when I shared the image of the show.

All in all, this was to help set up the topic for this week’s episode. See below to hear what we think and to hear why some of your short lived series were short lived. The good and the bad outcome of that being the case and so much more!

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