Podcast In The Pod: Episode 26 – Avengers End Game, Superhero Powers & More!

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This was a very low key episode but still special nonetheless. First of all, Brandon finally made his return so we wanted to do a little catch up which Segway’d into our topic of highly talked about, Avengers: End Game.

Don’t worry, at this time I was the only one who watched it and even though Russo Brothers are lifting the no spoilers ban this Monday, this episode contains no spoilers! We also talked about what superhero powers we would want and more. That being said, if you could choose one superhero power what would it be? Leave your answer in the comment below and make sure you check out this week’s episode! Subscribe via email to be notified about future episodes!

It was also ironic that this was 26th episode and the release date for the movie was April 26th.


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