The Fit Break Down: NBA Winners’ Corner

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As you may have seen on my previous post, I was fortunate enough to see the Toronto pop up of NBA Winner’s Corner. In case you haven’t seen my post or my last YouTube video please click the links. After you do that, continue below to see the thought process and significance of each piece for this lowkey and the budget-friendly outfit I wore for this pop-up.


These shoes are really one of my favourite shoes in my collection, solely based on aesthetics. It has a great story, old school feel wrapped around with amazing details. If you wanted to check out my unboxing and story behind this shoe check out my video below and the review I did here.

Place of Purchase: (Sign up for email newsletter to get sweet discounts and alerts for limited drops). Unfortunately, it is not available for retail anymore but you can check out some sizes at StockX or Goat.

Price: $94.99 USD.


Even though it’s been a while since I have shopped at H&M or worn their product, I still have a few pieces that of good quality. This cardigan is definitely one of them. In addition to matching my kelly green sneakers, the cardigan provided the right amount of warmth needed to not require a jacket that day. The icing on the cake is that this was not a standard cardigan but actually a collaboration between David Beckham (who is an iconic champion in the world of soccer) and the brand, which goes perfectly with the championship theme.

Place of Purchase: H&M (in-store)

Price: On sale for $15, the last size markdown!


Despite Celtics’ rich history, I can’t say I am a fan because the Raptors & Spurs hold that title for me. Therefore, I did not want to give the wrong impression of who my favourite team was so I decided to go with a lowkey hat that would still go with the outfit but not draw too much attention. Fortunately, I went out of my comfort zone and came across this ’47 brand hat (which is my first ever), that did just that and also in someways reiterated my hopes the Toronto Raptors bring home an NBA Finals Trophy.

Place of Purchase: National Sports

Price: On sale for $19!


When wearing High Tops and jeans, you won’t be able to see what kind of socks I am wearing, but I still had to choose the right pair. I chose a pair of Stance socks that went with the NBA Championship theme but also meant something personal to me. This pair of socks features one of the most dominant players in NBA history, winning 4 NBA Finals & earning 3 NBA Finals MVPs (just a little bit from his resume). He was my favourite player growing up and the reason I became interested in the sport. This is why you see his Lakers jersey on display in the Champions’ Room.

Place of Purchase: At Eaze

Price: I believe it was $15 to $20.



Because the outfit so far was pretty lowkey so far and with the time limit they had mentioned, I was going to rule out the half court shot anyways. Therefore, I went with my G-Star raw jeans which are skinny but oddly not uncomfortable, if that makes sense? Coincidently, this also goes with the Boston Celtics theme I had going on because these can be considered “KG jeans”, who played for the Celtics and was a mentee of Kevin McHale. The reason for why I call these my “KG Jeans” is because the guys of “Inside The NBA” (Ernie, Kenny, Chuck & Shaq) always tease Kevin Garnett for wearing skinny jeans.

Place of Purchase: The Bay (in store)

Price: On sale for $60 CAD+ an additional 15% off (it was a sale on sale at that time)


The last piece of the outfit was just a simple tee to compliment the cardigan and go with the hat. Instead of settling with a really basic black tee I went with this specific tee because it is a bit warmer than my basic black tee, which once again allows me to avoid not wearing a jacket.

Place of Purchase: Stitches Outlet

Price: Either $10 or 2 for $10 CAD. 

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