The Fit Break Down: Toronto Comic Con 2019

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This past Sunday, I was fortunate enough to attend a day of Toronto Comic Con. It was interesting and more packed than expected, especially because of families. It was an interesting experience, and I wish a lot of things can improve for next year. Nonetheless, I wanted to come in with a good fit for the con and for my photo op, see below for the break down and where you can get the pieces!


Although this is the essential piece to the entire fit and what I would work around it took me a while to find something to wear for ComicCon and of course, my photo op with Dan Fogler, aka Jacob Kowalski. I looked all over the internet and various stores, and with the price and shipping nothing seemed to be right, or there was just nothing at all!

However, I decided to visit my old Wal-Mart and discovered options! I went with this tee because it was comfortable, perfect for the weather and the design was so clean. The black and white contrast is always a good go to, but I love how they have the Hogwarts crest and each house animal below! Side note: If you didn’t know already, Walmart is such a good option for graphic tees due to the dope designs and super affordable pricing!

Place of Purchase: Wal-Mart

Price: $15 CAD



You may have seen these socks from another post, and that was from when I went to the Toronto premiere of Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald (click for my review). You can check out the entire fit break down here.

Place of Purchase: A booth at Fan Expo Canada 2017

Price: $15 CAD


Usually when someone refers to a pair of sneakers, it’s usually a rare or sought out pair of kicks but the fact of the matter is that a grail is a pair of sneakers you hold dearly to you. I have a few, and these specific sneakers make that short list, even if I may use it as a beater.

The Air Jordan 1 “Passport” is one of the most slept on kicks ever in my opinion. I felt black sneakers would compliment the look but the main reason for why I chose these is because I remember in the first Fantastic beasts film Newt had his travel permit denied and there was a whole mess with that, therefore I felt the passport theme ties in.

The black and silver design provides a great contrast without being too flashy where you can dress it up and down. One of my favourite detailing on these sneakers is the diamond patterning along with the engraved numbering and lettering (Jordan’s stat line, achievements and Toronto Airport). This was done to symbolize and represent a passport since this was the first time the NBA All-Star game took place in Toronto, Canada.

These amazing shots were taken by a good friend of mine and skilled photographer and videographer. I remember this is when he first started with photography and he let me do practice shots. It’s awesome to see how far he has come and proud to witness his professional growth. Please check out and follow his Instagram page here and his YouTube page here. 

Place of Purchase: Back in 2016, when the Jordan 306 Store was just a pop up and it wasn’t permanent until a couple years later!

Price: I believe it was $215 CAD. I am honestly surprised on the resale of these because I remember they were just sitting on the shelves but if you are interested the price is not bad over at StockX where you can bid for a lower amount.


This whole look was pretty quite and clean so I wanted to complete it with a pair of jeans that would add to that theme. I went with a pair of black jeans from Nudie Co. They are known for their premium quality and organic denim. I remember getting these because I wanted a good pair of jeans for the Ted Rogers School of Management awards in case I was going to win for the best marketing campaign, which thankfully I did. If you wanted to see that post here it is.  Only thing about these jeans I do not like is the fact that they collect a lot of lint!

Place of Purchase: Nordstrom at Eaton Centre

Price: I believe it was $180 or less, but I remember meeting a dope guy with an awesome fashion sense who I usually go to if I am ever at Nordstrom. Also, it’s been a while but I remember when you bought a pair of jeans you were able to get free hemming. If you wanted to purchase a pair of jeans very similar to these then you can do so here.

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