Podcast In The Pod: Episode 20 – Let’s Talk About Colourism

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This was a really good episode that featured a lot of personal stories, experiences and a deep conversation. Yes, I do say that time and time again but that’s why we do this podcast.

Since we started to record the episode a week in advance now, I feel like it’s right to give some context behind why we chose this topic.

During that week, the popular comedy TV series, Blackish, made headlines for a powerful episode written by Peter Saji, regarding the topic of colourism. I love Blackish because they are no strangers to discussing difficult topics and subject matters, it’s one of the reasons why this show gets the reception they deserve. It’s also not the first time colourism was mentioned on the show, but it was the first that they focused on it. Therefore, I assigned everyone homework for the week. Watch the episode before we record the podcast.

Listen below to hear us talk about what we felt about the episode, colourism and how it affected our lives and more! You may be surprised by what you hear!

Fun fact: As you may know by the first PITP post I mentioned we used to have heated discussions about certain topics, well this was one of them. Thankfully, this take went more smoother 😅.

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