Podcast In The Pod: Episode 18 – Is Age Just A Number?Does Age Matter Emotionally or Physically? Is There A Double Standard? Special Guest: Matilza

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Happy New Year! Welcome to a brand new episode and the first episode of 2019! We got special guest chiming in on a topic that we almost did last year.

We had a guest but there was technical issues so the recording got lost, but nonetheless it was still a good topic to discuss and Matilza would be perfect to comment.

We talked about Newley weds Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, mainly the negative criticism received for their age difference. This begs the question if age does matter and would it be different if the genders was reversed. Also, sparkle mentioned the point of the couple should look around the same age.

Listen below to hear our thoughts and let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are! Do you agree? Is there a double standard?

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