Podcast In The Pod: Episode 14 – How To Balance Work & Personal Life – Special Guest: Anthony

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WARNING: This week’s episode may leave with you a warm feeling inside. Yes, that’s right because we got the homie Anthony stopping by to share his thoughts on balancing work and personal life. Although we talk about how stressful and challenging it can be, we also mention to never lose sight of what really makes you happy. Most of the time, that’s family or the goal you want to achieve.

Something I forgot to mention was that with respect to your work and personal life, you shouldn’t let that interfere with one another. I know we mentioned the stress of work will take a lot of us and we should find another outlet, likewise, I feel we shouldn’t let our personal lives affect the people around us in our workspace.

The topic for this episode was suggested by Stellena, who has been supporting the show by listening to us to jump-start her mornings. You can also suggest topics for us to discuss by letting us know in the comments below! All in all, this was a nice episode and I hope you enjoy! Please make sure subscribe via email so you don’t miss out on future episodes and other great content!

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